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  1. Seeing how the Chrysalis model was completed, would it be no hassle to commisson that model for your own servers despite risking other communities stealing these types of pony models.
  2. Changeling guards, wanna example?
  3. I was wondering if there are any quadruped models currently in the works, specifically the changeling models. I was quite intrigue in re-donating when they were first release, but got disapointed by the lack of changeling models and was hoping to get any word from this. If so, I would be very appreciated. Okay thanks, with kisses and such.
  4. Can you at least make it so boxing glove heavies don't get insta killed when the Hale crits them.
  5. So apparently I'm not allowed to evade death as a scout on vsh, even though I'm dealing damage in the process. Why even have a scout slot?

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    2. Arokhantos™


      You can do 2000 damage with perfect conditions as scout not including ubers. surely you can do 1000 damage in 1-2 minuts, sugestion stop trying to play like a sniper ambush hales from behind.

    3. Arokhantos™

      Arokhantos™ Obviously low dps derp, notice boss is r dash 5000 doing this much damage requires lot point blank hits. scout clearly low dps *sarcasm*
    4. Videogames380


      Kenyon said exactly what I wanted to.

      No one wants to watch a scout using 5 jumps to evade a boss for an extended period of time who hops around more than he puts out as DPS.

  6. OP's current avatar in tf2 colours.
  7. Since we fixed duo bosses taking up all your que points as a participant, I though maybe we can reissue the option to pick those bosses as a donator.
  8. So the options are; create a complex team organizing system that deals with specific players and their involvement with the game (being afk or relatively useless) which will take months if not years to prefect, or add more mods/admin which if properly assigned will take just as long.
  9. Assuming all squeakers are children and are using their mic; not only are they breaking the NO MIC USE IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 15 rule but being that they are loud and obnoxious most of the time, they're also technically MICSPAMing, which IS A PRIVILEGE not to be abused, breaking 2 rules simultaneously, something that's worth more then a 3min mute. Warnings aren't necessary by the way, they should of read the rule(s) before participating on these servers.
  10. It's like pornography, you think it's obvious but apparently it's not, so we have to make a thread about it.
  11. Many of the inappropriate images that have not been mentioned, such as sex poses, are debatable.
  12. Because playing spy wasn't already difficult enough with all the paranoid engies and trigger happy pyros.
  13. ! and / and the exact same command sequences. You're completely forgetting the whole point of having slashes; so they do not appear in chat while you're looking up bosses and player queue points.
  14. That's because it's no longer !pony; the correct way to type commands are with slashes (/) so they don't appear in chat. The new servers uses a different set of commands, so you have to type in /ff2 now with many of your commands such as /ff2boss or /ff2next.