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  1. Thanks, best pony! Glad you like it. You planning on doing anymore? It's a pretty good start. I actually have more completely done. In fact, I did this mod back in March. Other pony TF2 stuff I have: Twilight's flower sandwich from the ticket episode, Applejack's apple cupcakes, and a work in progress of the elements of harmony. I also have a few other non-pony stuff that I've done.
  2. Thanks, best pony! Glad you like it.
  3. Hey, guys! Just thought I should share this with you. I made a mod that replaces Bonk! Energy Drink and Crit-a-Cola with the cider mugs from MLP. Hope you like it! You can download it here
  4. I was able to playtest his updated map. Updated stuffs: New lighting. I like it! There was a black, undone area that is has now been completed. Automatic doors. Buttons that activate certain doors that don't open via walking upon them. Areas in which you fall now kill you. Not so good stuffs: You literally need to be a few centimeters away from the door for it to actually open, meaning that you will bump into the door before it opens. Glass, railings, and the black metal around the doors are reflecting an invalid skybox. It reflects the black and purple skybox. That's about it for that. As far as I know, he's working on fixing the black and purple missing textures. I like this map, so far!
  5. I just got a chance to playtest this map. I really like the map itself, it's layout, and the music. I really look forward to seeing this done. Notes: Textures make the map look really nice (Has the RED/BLU style to add to tf2.). The map's structure looks really nice, and has tiny details to it. The Steampunk music really adds the feel to this map. So, in conclusion, I love it, and I want to see it done. Cheers!