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  1. Towlieban bandit'd multiple friendlies at airfield today, then hid their bodies after he got yelled at. Permanent kill on sight.
  2. Uh.. Yeah. I was on when the server went down. ...Flying a HUEY ...And it's gone... ...Again...
  3. Kay. Your Ginger has arrived to sort shit out. If me, reddead, schmidy, or anyone else in our group or otherwise with the ACIES tag tells you we're friendly, we're friendly. We're not going to betray you, shoot you, or be dicks. We've been known to give heli assists to dicked over people on multiple occasions, (that Zero guy Alissia said I was talking too was actually someone I was helping) and are almost always willing to help in medical emergencies. That said, just as Pinkamena mentioned, we do occasionally feel the nagging urge to kill shit. Whether that means piloting a chopper in Elektro and laughing as the windchester wielding bambis call us hackers, or doing Navy Seal airdrops in the NWAF to skirmish against the best players. If you feel as though this makes you wish to kill us on sight, then please do so, but I ask that you do it on the same moral ground that we operate on. That is: don't lie about being friendly. If you ask for a medical assist only to turn around and open fire on us, then we're going to kill you, fly to the coast, kill you again, find your camp, blow it up, fly back to the coast, and kill you a third time. Essentially, we're friendlies. Even when we do go on killing sprees, we would never dream of killing poeple like Tammy, and wouldn't ever have killed Kickash until he started whining like we were actually serial killers. Now we're probably going to be killing him quite a bit. If you think that our mode of operation is a problem for you, then you are free to either murder us, or make friends with us. We're all pretty friendly people. That said: KOS GINGER, REDDEAD, AND SCHMIDY IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT. OTHERWISE DON'T. New topic.
  4. Literally every DayZ server I've ever played on except this one has provided some sort of warning of server restarts. Playing today, I've experienced three completely random, unexpected server restarts. The most recent of the three just killed me and destroyed a heli, and I'm livid. I know it isn't Pinkie Spy, so Corporal or Simple: This is not okay. Anyone who is driving at any point during a completely random restart loses their vehicles. It's game breaking to run the server this way. Stop.
  5. Does he pee on your lap too?
  6. Ginger
  7. On the main Dayz menu there's an option to customize your character somewhere. You can't edit the name of a character or even delete a character, but you can make a new one with a more fitting name.
  8. Here's a pretty wacky one :D So earlier this week, a hacker came on and mass killed everyone. Minutes before this happened, I approached his town on a bicycle. Noticing that zombies were in the town, I retardedly decided to bike through hoping it was just a freshly spawned newbie. I saw the error in my ways moments before passing away on the pavement. A friend of mine IRL who is kinda awkward and new to the game was on,(Probably shouldn't have let him into the vent server) and died 5 minutes later by the hacker's mass drop. I had already swapped servers just as I died in hopes of aborting to save myself, so I was on Seattle 104 at this point. My friend manages to grab a Solnichny spawn, and is able to loot the wreckage in the confusion. He grabbed my M4a1 CCO SD, and promptly swapped servers. We meet up in Electro, and I trade him for my gun with an MP5 I found in the fire station. I then head to Cherno, and he follows after briefly pausing in Electro to grab food/water. On the way over I hear a vehicle. I immediately hit the deck in time to see a UAZ driving by. I tell my friend who is a few miles behind me on the coast to start shooting at it to pop a tire because why not (We had nothing anyway), The driver gets out of the car, pulls out his G36, and proceeds to incapacitate my friend. This is the funny part. After incapacitating my friend, he walks up to his body, bandages it, gives a blood transfusion, takes off the MP5, and hauls chris' body into the UAZ. Chris at this point has no idea where he's being taken. His brother who is apparently in the same room as him IRL says "He's taking you away to have his way with you". I pretty much lost my shit at that comment. Almost through Chris' incapacitation period, I tell him that he could be being interrogated, and that he should think of something to say now so he can talk his way out of getting shot. Chris agrees and tells me what he plans on saying. As chris wakes, I listen in on what chris says in the game chat through our call on skype: "Sup." As my open palm repeatedly strikes my face in frustration at the idiocy of my friend, I find 2 ATVs in perfectly good condition in cherno. Both of which I flip before driving even 10 meters. Fuck ATVs. Anyway, Chris manages not to get shot, as the person who kidnapped him was apparently doing a coast run in hopes of recruiting members into his dwindling clan, and wanted to shoot only at hostiles. Chris has to get off soon, so I figure that since he has a car, I'd ask Chris to ask the guy if he could pick me up. We both were in need of transportation to our camp, which is why I had Chris try to hijack the car in the first place. Chris says he'll tell the guy, and I hear the following through his Skype: "Yeah so I'm actually playing with a friend. He's the one who told my to shoot at you. He's in cherno asking you to pick him up" My face at this point is bearing a glowing red palm print on it, as my frustration at my friend's idiocy increases. Chris finally logs off to go see a movie, and confirms that the guy is driving towards Cherno, which is interesting because if I were him I'd be driving as far away from Cherno as possible. After leaving Cherno and heading along the coast aways, I see the UAZ and notice one of the tires is a tad flat, testament to the fact that Chris at least is a pretty good shot.He pulls up and immediately orders me to drop my weapons. Deciding that would be a shit idea with 6 zombies chasing me, I reply with "The M4 has no ammo and I'd be impressed with myself if I could kill you with a makarov". He laughs and lets me into his car, where I quickly explain everything. He eventually lets me into his team clan, whose glitchy as fuck vehicles respawn into their campsite on server restart. The helicopter is included on this list of vehicles. Hooray!
  9. Same concept as the hit list. instead of knowing when to steer clear of electro, we now know when most of the people on aren't going to attempt murder at first sight :D (Plus I don't know all you guys =P) Ginger here.
  10. To be fair about the bus thing, It was nearly 4 AM. 2 other people were online and we were just randomly in electro with a bus. I'd never use a bus as a means or personal transport. Urals too stronk.
  11. I see this more as a watch list. So we can play defensively if we see these guys upon logging in.
  12. Huh... Would this be the guy firing shots off near Balota last night that I heard before I somehow managed to kill myself on a pile of rubble? EDIT: It may be fun for you, but it makes the game extremely unplayable for those that you shoot, especially if it's someone like me who doesn't play the game often. Sure I've got some decent marksman skills on me but I don't really enjoy being shot in the face... Especially when I'd found a motor bike and was actually enjoying myself... Heh... Did he kill you in a warehouse in Starry? I found a cycle there a few days ago. :D Anyway back at Thomas, I know you mentioned that it's good fun getting all this attention, but would it be alright if you killed people somewhere else? I don't even mean on a different server either. The Simple guy probably wasn't a scripter, and there's no real sense sitting around electro blowing ammo on everyone who respawns just to ruin their day. Much more rewarding to go do it at the airfield to people who can actually defend themselves and take their stuff =P
  13. You shot no where even approachingly close to me When you DC after firing 5-6 AS50 shots like a retard, I assume you are attempting to ghost me when you join the server again a few minutes later "kill unconfirmed", as50 is an instant one shot kill mongoloid I have enjoyed gunning down you guys for the past several days, especially simple who had scripted weapons. Also why did your civ dissapear by the shore when I got the engine block ? seems legit Well it looks like the bandit lurks the forums... For starters, I don't really care whether the shots hit you, as I has a bus and you have a forum out to kill you <3 Second, wow thanks I had no idea my anti matter gun was a 1sk. Honestly I missed whether you died or not. Again, don't care. I has a bus. Lastly, I has a bus. Edit: Well this thread got derailed quickly
  14. Hey Pinkie. It's ginger. Here's what happened: -Bus get's shot at, you DC -I exit the bus, and run to the other side, suspecting that our friend Thomas is on the hillside. -I DC -You RC -I RC in my spot behind the bus tire -I hear a shot. Pinkamena was killed. Fuck. -I sit behind the tire. I hear another shot. -A second shot. I see a flash coming from some bushes -I await a third shot. While I'm waiting I notice an extra bush -After 15 minutes I don't hear the third shot. I run out from behind the bus and unload on what turnes out to be thomas -Since my AS50 doesn't have an NV scope, I had to use the zoom reticule and therefore miss every shot. -I get zombie'd and pass out -I DC and RC -I awake in time to bandage myself, give myself morphine, and spam the aforementioned consumable glitch until 12K blood -Kill unconfirmed, but Thomas rage quitted. I have the bus at a secure location. PM me and I'll pick you up from where you spawned.