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  1. That moment when you remember the weekend has begun:


    1. Pinkamena1


      what the heck lol im dead

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I'm glad I made you laugh. XD

  2. It is sad to see VSP in such a state of disrepair. :( I haven barely touched TF2 ever since the Meet Your Match update (God, how I hate those changes) and haven't played it in about a year. Recently I have been thinking about coming back to enjoy some matches of VSP (only thing that actually still draws my attention back to TF2) but but it saddens me to see it's all so broken. By the way, I don't know if it counts, but the ability Flutterbat has to backstab someone while still invisible when coming out of a cloak is obnoxiously absurd. I always hated that. Consider that your number 18.
  3. Well... FNaF does throw everything at you at once, basically, sooo..... This should be interesting.
  4. I'm calling this Crayonland. =P Jokes aside, I like this map quite a lot. Waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Oilrig and Fortdesk (especially Fortdesk. God, how I dislike that map). At least for my taste. The improvements being made to it as shown in the videos seem to be turning out great, making an already good map an even better one. I need to say, that although I like it, the current version is a tad too bright and sometimes it confuses my aim (which already isn't the greatest when I'm tired. lol). The new colors sure will help a lot. It looks much more pleasing to the eyes with the pink sky and grey-ish ground instead of pure white. Also, I love the new floating... erm... crayons? Whatever those colored sticks at the corners are supposed to be.
  5. The model development seems great, so far! Kinda cute, too! I like it. If you decide to run any more tests with players, I'd love to join again, if that's fine!
  6. I gotta say, this was a really fun experience. After you left the server, Sarysa, we kept on playing for at least three more hours. I'll gladly volunteer to test stuff whenever you need testers. It's always a good experience and we get to see first hand what's next to come! If I'm around and available, you can count me in. :)
  7. Ikr? XD Though I was more like thinking about how to reach him. I wish I had the cash to donate to the server. It's too much fun and awesome to not donate. Plus, those player pony models are so cute! I'd like to try them eventually.
  8. Hi everyone! I rarely ever do anything here on the forums so I am not entirely sure if I am posting this on the right place. If I am not, then please forgive me. Last Sunday we had a blast on the Texas server and almost everyone on RED played as Sniper then as Heavy on the next map. I've called these events the SniperCon and HeavyCon. It was fun. But the point of this post is simply to share some of the rounds I recorded. People asked me in-game if I was recording, if I was going to upload it and what was my YouTube channel so I figured I should also post it here. :) I don't really know if/how to post videos here so I'll just put their links, for now. SniperCon 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFpce2U62x8 SniperCon 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyKSNDJ5HUk HeavyCon 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLFGkqkKtso HeavyCon 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvgYphUEVeA
  9. Well, if you know how to deal with vectors, CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator are good tools to draw ponies. Photoshop and similars like Paint Tool SAi, for example, are great as well, but those will require more of your artistic skills;