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  1. Notice what Gray Mann says on page 2. "I've been dying to tell a VIRTUAL STRANGER my secret plans." #tf2 gamers confirmed as canon Bea is also the original pyro, so pyro being a female is canon.
  2. This thread is lol
  3. Psst. Dash. Psst.
  4. So this is where we got you... cools. c:
  5. You'll see that in pubs, most people aren't the best at playing. Not saying they're bad, just have to work on things. c:
  6. Banned for having no cutie mark. >:c
  7. Heavy is fine as is. :3
  8. Run around as a scout and kill everthing that moves. Seems to work well enough.
  9. Overused, yes, but how often do you actually see a good scout? A scout that can kick some serious flank? A scout that knows what he's doing? Those are the scouts I'm talking about. The scouts that make people scared. >:3
  10. Mini sentries. Medics that don't heal scouts. Medics that only heal one person. Too many of one class on a team. Random Crits. People being upset when I use the soda popper. Engies in general. c: