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  1. Its been awhile since i been on this sight, or at least feels like it. I've been busy with high school and Drill team. speaking of which, I'm no longer pursuing the Naval profession. I've decided to enlist in the Marines when i graduate.

  2. Im going to California to see the Naval Bases.

    1. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      have fun when you come to San Diego XD

    2. MrKenyon


      Some serious Naval Gazing, I see.

  3. Got my cetificate For passing 8th grade, Now im headed for 9th Grade ROTC.

  4. Got a stuffed toy of Twilight Sparkle :3:3:3:3:3

    1. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      I could totally say something entirely inappropriate here.


    2. Urban Zombie

      Urban Zombie

      You read my mind.

    3. Cross Sparkle
  5. Darky keeps hitting on me. D:

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    2. Racquerr


      You're lucky all he's doing is just "hitting". :-S

    3. Isildiogo


      Darky is hitting on everyone

    4. nope


      Oh he is not hitting on you, he is just trying to make you buy him. Haven't you seen his avatar?

  6. Chat keeps fucking up for me.

    1. Vinyl Bot

      Vinyl Bot

      It's a trick, get an ax.

  7. Chat keeps fucking up for me.

  8. New Twilight is awsome no?

  9. New Twilight is awsome no?

  10. I drew a picture with Cross and Twilight and a new born but i dont know wat to name her.


    1. Lord Monochromicorn

      Lord Monochromicorn

      I feel like a dick saying this, but i really dont know who you are. But wb! :D

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Welcome back Halo fanboy!

    3. Cross Sparkle

      Cross Sparkle

      i got so caught up in drawing in parkour that i completely forgot about the forum. plus i dont play video games as much as i use to. i just play them when im extremly bored

  12. Halo4 is so awesome

    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Why am I not surprised that you said this?

    2. ÎÎÎÎÎ
    3. Lord Monochromicorn

      Lord Monochromicorn

      i wanna play it so bad.