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  1. Hey what you think about this game post your nick server and lvl :P
  2. good map rotation and you dont need wotings :D
  3. i cant remembar all animes i saw ;(
  5. There is going anime named Kissxsis its comedy/ecchi style its realy funy but every ep. they release is more and more.... oh just watch and wait for ne wep its really funy
  6. yeah i know like watching watching for 1 month and then stop for 2 months i dunno why but everyone doing that
  7. i think i am out too i have much things too do i will still come but not soo often and not only your servers fult but valves too now they started making commercial for alians vs cowboy movie wtf they are stupid i regret i bought this game soo late ( i bough it 2years ago then this game wasint soo ruined ;( ) soo yeah ............................................................................................LATER...........................................................................................................
  8. Yeah i am really big fan of anime :P..... so yeah i want this forum has thread about Anime... yeah in about 20days here(Lithuania) will be japan/anime festival like bigest in anime and japan thingys so yeah and its only one in all year so i think they should do more things with anime because it is not silly cartoons :P and many ppl likes anime/manga and things like that.......... everything what is sed manga including too :D
  9. Hey. My name is David :P... i am from Lithuania*(google it if want :D)....favorite things is anime i am much in it most in romance,action,comedy... i am 14 years old and my Bday is May 7 so yeah i hope get presents from you guys :D ........ i am in tf2 too because it was best fps but Valve destroyed that title....i hate ppl who thinks they are ponys... i like ponys i dont minde if someone is fan of it but then thy post every forum they are ponys and then have partners ponys and they do all sorts of things like ponys it is creepy and not realy that funy or cute.... if you one of them plz think about it because if you like ponys it dont meen you are pony or you should be.... find friends(i dont say you dont have them) go outside hang out with them. Talk about ponys they are cool but we need stop that thing about ppl who think they are ponys and everyone because of them make fun of ponys and ponie's show................................. LaTeR GuYs...... SeE YoU SoOn
  10. there is some things there will not be done.... and one of them anime becomes movie because everyone thinks anime is silly cartoon and they dont change untill you show it is not and in movie you are tied too some things and anime is not soo.... and i really dont wan tto see a movie based on anime because it will be like alisa n woderland or some shit so no way i am watching that shit :P

  13. what good old games you know and played like in my opinion best old school games was caselvania bought parts on gba and final fantasy 4 on gba :D
  14. I consider myself to be very lenient and tolerant when it comes to upholding most of the rules on my server. I get a lot of grief for my voice on a daily basis for example, but I tend to ignore it until people get so obnoxious and insulting that I have to mute/gag/silence them for it. Even then, it takes a lot for me to actually give the order to kick or ban a user. The only people I can recall actually banning were those using obvious aimbots (with existing VAC bans on their record) and users who's prerogative was to grief everyone so much that they ruined the environment of the server. There are some admins who will play around with SourceMod admin controls (Beacon, Explode, Slap, LSD, etc.) at the start or end of a map. However, when it comes to actually kicking or banning players, there needs to be a valid and substantiated reason for it. If a mod were to kick/ban a player for "targeting" them, or "killing them too much", I would revoke their admin privileges entirely, because that is not what their powers are for and they should have a thick enough skin to put up with that kind of unwanted "attention" from other players. This is a game where everyone kills each other, and a player singling you out should be expected. If any player ever has issues with the behavior of an admin on this server, they are welcome to post about it here, or contact me directly if they would prefer to report abuse anonymously. I will respect and uphold the privacy of any user who contacts me and investigate every report seriously. Even if the issue is a minor grievance, like a complaint about Beaconing or some other triviality, I will take the time to talk to the Admin about it. I can say with confidence however that right now, we do not have any admin abuse that I am aware of on this server. We have also have a very friendly bunch of people here who are mature enough to respect and listen to the majority of players. I LOVE YOUR VOICE. Sometimes then ppl have fun game they laugh from everything so i understand about 1 year ago i had so bad voice it was annoying but i just ignored them and had a lot of fun and those ppl troll themselves... i sometimes be like that but then i have so much fun that i dont understand why i am laughing so yeah i just sometimes stupid :DDD ... AND PPL IF YOU SEE ADMIN DOING SOMETHING BAD PLZ POST HERE THEN IT WILL BE EASY TO END THEM
  15. but that is annoying this server will be only donators and second server will be only nobwie server so where you gona play on on pro server ;(