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  1. "No, Placid, that isn't how we exactly greet one another, He simply tripped on making his way her. If anything , we simply extend out one of our front hooves or bow lightly when among royalty." He chuckled lightly before turning his attention back to the the earth pony. "Ah, Arrowhead it is, then. Pleasure to meet you. Canter's my name, Randolph Canter. You may have heard of it as my ancestors help found this city but its sort of fallen into fable so I don't blame you if it sounds fantastic. Ah, so you'd like a book like this or just more knowledge of Equestrian history?" His rose a brow to blue moon but gave him a serious studying glance. "Yes, come forward. No need to raise your voice. I can see and heard you both well. Now what urgent matter do you wish to convey? "
  2. "Canter's the name, Randolph Canter. A pleasure to meet you, Doctor." He gave a slight bow with his head in greeting before turning his attention back to the earth pony "Oh when one has the tomes of eons past around them and has the training in studying them, you tend to pick up a thing or too along the way." He chuckled a bit before glancing the other with a studying look, as if reading the pages of a book. His expression was calm and serene, as if he were an ocean of moods and feelings few could ever rightfully read. "So, what brings you to my humble library today? Looking for something particularly eldrich or just a good escapist novel like those Daring Do books I pen?"
  3. "Ah, so that's what it was? I was almost certain I sensed such a thing but do not act on brash assumptions. Now, as to the matter goes by Alpha or most ruling of our people, that would be the two Princesses of day and night, Celestia and Luna. They are often in the Royal Palace unless out on some matter of business. However, if you wish to partake audience with them it is more a matter that must be taking up with a set meeting as one cannot simply have audience with them as they have guards. However, if you'd like I would be more than willing to write a request letter on your part so the process will go much easier and smoother than the long droll it would require otherwise." He turned his attention back to the smaller pony that had asked him about the books, pointing upward with his hoof. "2nd floor, section J, 125- 725. Or to be more simply put, you'll find it between the folktales and antique scroll collection. Take the stairs on your right but watch your head, the ceiling has a bump in it that's been there for two years. Don't want you getting hurt, now." He finally faced the brown earthpony that ha spoken in an ancient tongue to him as he grinned, rubbing his throat before speaking in an amalgamation of language similar but slightly more strange then the one spoken. " Cerse, 'squir. K'lem u'n tan' a'lkntash paenera?"
  4. "Ah, a most intresting case you speak of as even I have not seen a bird able to speak as you in our fair kingdom. Though, you friend Placid Lake's visage I recall dimly in some way though of how escapes Well as it were I am a writer myself of fcition for pony kind though my older and more ploished works have gone seldom noticed besides my most recent and pulp novels." He chuckled lightly at his own statement stament as if saying that was an irnony in itself. "I can only commend you two for seeking my humble library out where you can learn all you wish of the rick and lush past of Equestria. Indeed these boks carried in them the verse and prose of ages gone by. Though I know not if your alphbetics and langague is exactly the same as ours but the library is free for you to use in regards of learning and study so that you two may form a kindship with our people." Canter smiled softly as his calm expression stayed on his face before eyeing the youg pony out of the conoer of his eye. "Ah, welcome. I suppose you'd like some assisance in finding a book, yes? You'll have to pardon my slower notice to you, I was a bit taken by the sight of this mocking bird and the one know Placid Lake."
  5. "Ah, I see. You'll have to excuse the expression, force of habit. " He kept his studing eyes on both the creatures that had come into the library. While he had seen much stranger sights in his unspoke of travels in the knigdom, this was the first he had seen a creature of this kind. Just where had it come from and what was the mocking bird that sat atop its head? Did the two share a kinda of friendship or mutal symbiosis. Whatever the case, he was still Head Librarian and it was his duty to help those in need, no matter whom or what they my be. "I say, if you need any assisstance, just ask. I know this librarary like the back of my hoof. I can easily help you if wish to find something specifically."
  6. He was busy writing over his letters before noticing the soft tread on the floor that sompony was in the library besides himself. Not looking up from his work he simply called out. "Greetings, welcome to the Royal Library. Are you her-" A sight out of the cornor of his eye noticed the being that stood before him in the library as he simple rose a curious brow, no longer distracted by his writing. "Well, well. What do we have here? You're ceratinly nopony I've seen before enter my humble library. " He smiled softly noticing how timid the creature looked. "Don't be shy, I mean you no harm. Canter's the name, Randolph Canter. Just whom might you be?"
  7. On the horizon the sun was just making its slow crawl up the sky to replace the moon as a furtive shadow made its way to the old oak doors of the library. Fumbling in his overcoat pocket with his right front hoof, he pulled out a key ring as he cycled through the keys. Finding the key that fit the lock perfectly, he turns the knob as the door opened with a light gust of wind blowing off the dark fedora-like hat that sat atop his head. He sighed, picking up the hat as he dusted it off, placing it on the coat rack along with his overcoat that sat behind the counter. He grimaced as he looked down at what he was wearing, a ghastly green plaid coat with a dull brown bow tie to boot. They just weren’t his colors. Even his cutie mark was an arrangement of musical notes that highly contrasted to his real cutie mark that hid beneath this highly crafted disguise. Everything about him was dissatisfying. He looked more like a stuffy old professor from the university or the previous temporary librarian in which the disguise was modeled, Little Wit. Had it not been for the sake of the mission he would never go through with such a loss of his personality but the orders of the Princesses was absolute. He unbuttoning the jacket and undershirt while loosening the bowtie from around his neck, casting each aside in a heap behind the counter. He opened the doors of the large black cabinet that revealed a rack of ties, white shirts, assorted vests, and other obscure items that lined the paneling. He gave a smile grin before he began dressing himself, buttoning up his shirt , fastening his auburn vest with its many pockets being filled with objects, and finally tightening the light purple tie around his neck. He whistles seeing himself in the mirror. “Canter, you handsome devil you.” There he went speaking his thought aloud again. He chuckles before noticing he’s still wearing the fake horn and patched over cutie mark that are a part of a disguise. He quickly reached for the horn as he pulled it off with a bit of difficulty. The cutie mark patch was just as difficult, pulling it off by using his teeth as his true cutie mark that of strange engraved sliver key and a keyhole surrounded by a dark purple glow became visible. Closing the cabinet swiftly and picking up all the material evidence of his disguise identity, he unlocks the door to the special collections behind him, tossing all the objects down a drop shoot that was covered by a plain cardboard box. He sighed again, closing and locking the door behind himself before siting up on his stool and placing his circular glasses on his face. It wasn’t an easy life being senior captain of Equestria’s Internal Intelligence division but it was the life best suited to him. Of course, such a double life would be exhausting to normal ponies that required sleep but he was far from you average earth pony. There was much more to Canter than met the eye. Much less he was willing to tell unless it concerned a vial need to. He only watched as the sun reached its point in the sky where early morning began, he himself writing letters of some kind overviewing the case he had been working on the previous night. He wondered who would come and converse in the library, would need help finding things, or of his assistance being required in one way or another. Though the most reoccurring thought was how long the black dye would hide his single white stripe in his mane? For he did not mind, looking a slight bit younger than he really was, if only temporarily.
  8. Three times did I dream of a marvellous golden sunset city and three times was it snatched away from me as I paused on the high terrace above it.

    1. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Three times My shadow crossed your floor--

      Three times I came to your lowly door--

      For I was the beggar with bruised, cold feet,

      I was the woman you gave something to eat,

      And I was the child on the homeless street.

      Three times I knocked and three times I came in,

      And each time I found the warmth of a friend.

  9. As one who reads books often myself, I say my favorite author is a tie between both H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. Both are more on the purple prose side of writing but do it well that it creates a unique voice and mood for their stories. Randolph Canter, my character, is the ponified version of Randolph Carter, the character HPL's author avatar in his stories and the character Smith saw comparable to his own moods and philosphy. I often find myself at ends trying to decide which I like better!
  10. Canter's the name, Randolph Canter. I don't suppose you've heard of me, really. My writings go seldom notice in the vast tomes and scrolls of ponydom. Though you might know the name of Sliver Stallion, the pen-name of mine for those popular Daring Do books based on some rather... personal experiences. To put it short and simple, I'm head librarian of the Canterlot Royal Library. That's only for family tradition however. My real job is investigating abnormalities in the kingdom to prevent such incidents like the Changeling invasion or Discord's reality wrapping from happening. Alas, such are locked events in time. I've also been studying the mane six for some time now, as I was diguised as an examiner during Twilight's magic exam. We'll meet up sooner or later, I'm sure of it. (Short and Simple: RPer here, blending the Cthulhu Mythos and MLP. I found this site due to talking with another brony on Omegle and it looks like a fun place. I hope I'll have some fun here with you all. Salutations~ Love and Tolerate~)