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  1. 18. Revive Rarity's rage back to 10 seconds of invincibility. Or, revamp the rage similar to to Christian Brutal Sniper's where the mercs rush in towards her out of being enamored. 19. Remove the Five Night's at Pinkie's Hale. 20. Turn the "Spellbook" mage into a 10th Mercenary class or get rid of it entirely. Should the latter decision be carried out, in the spirit of Halloween this can be reactivated up until the Scream Fortress event ends. 21. Remove particle effects & arena "disco mode" dedicated to each Hale (especially the Princess Celestia Hale boss) 22. Perhaps a take on the Mann vs. Machine game mode called "Ponies vs. Parasprites"
  2. So how about that drastic left turn to Albuquerque that is the end of Vol. 3? This ain't your happy-go-lucky show anymore people!! (Because that would be RWBY Chibi, which for some reason buries its own plot.)
  3. About time this came alive. Now to see when the Engineer vs. Spy update will come about. (I pray it will include having the backpack be expanded for everyone by about 1,000 more slots).
  4. So who wants to come play the Vanilla servers with me?!

    1. Karlamena


      The stock server should be renamed to "Lonely" :'c

  5. Hello. Please read this before revising your original post:
  6. Welp, necromancer powers activate!!! This will be the last Sm4sh Direct for the game, so now I ask of what you may think will be shoved into Sm4sh? Here's a template just because:
  7. And who exactly said that "Being Friendly is okay?"
  8. Jeezus, video games today ain't getting the love it deserves.
  9. Happy Scream Fortress 2015 y'all. Has your Item Loadout uploaded yet?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Karlamena


      Nooo, not those spells. The item ones like the spooky paints :'c

    3. » error

      » error

      awww, i wanted to to get a chromatic for my flamenco / 'mancers :<

    4. sarysa


      Yeah, spells require some specific kind of map configuration. Teleport especially, it's been known to get past invisible walls on unsupported maps.

  10. Pretty much what Kralthe said. Other than hacking, Paypal chargebacks are pretty much an instant-permaban in this community. It is really up to Raini to ultimately decide if you will get your permaban lifted.
  11. THE INVASION HAS BEGUN!!! (oh whoops, wrong type of Invasion)
  12. Actually, they're skeletons that be sending a shiver in us. Happy October everyone!!
  13. I know it seems weird for Kinky Pie alone to have that whip as a weapon, versus to Molestia having not only that whip as a weapon, but also that giant banana as a weapon itself that actually adds not only the perfect chemistry to it, but also a light-hearted chuckle to it. But, my vote is actually to have Kinky Pie keep the whip, but give Molestia that giant banana as her weapon (maybe base that banana off of the Bat Outta Hell weapon because of the based-jiggle bones it has).
  14. Well, time to spend Halloween Keys on some Alien gea.... Oh wait...
  15. At this point, send a pm to Raini in regards about your perks not working, and she'll take care of you.