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  1. Frienship Supernatural is magic, duh! I decided that was a good idea to create a post about Supernatural characters played by My Little Pony characters. I posted it here: http://aeonfluxcopy....-making-friends Tell me what you think!!
  2. More ponies I don't know the name of: They're G3 ponies too. If someone knows, I'll be glad for the help. Thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot!!! You're great!
  4. My boyfriend found this G3 pony, it has snowflakes as her cutie mark, but they're not the same as the one I found in the pony wiki here: Anyway, they're more similar as the G1 pony of the same name: But are not the same. These are pictures of the pony he found: (The first picture has the color a little messed up because of the light. The real color is the one in the other pictures). Please, tell me if you know anything. Also, if you think this could be interesting for collectors to buy it, or something.
  5. Thanks for all your info, it helped. You all are great
  6. I have a question, maybe it has already been answered everywhere here, but I just didn't found it and I would like a little clarification on this subject. Celestia is an alicorn, Luna is also an alicorn. Luna is a little bigger than the rest of the ponies. But Celestia is huge compared. As bigger as when Luna was evil. Does this mean that Celestia is only that big because she is the princess? Like in big because of magic? Because all the other alicorns are not that big. She kind of seems like a horse, but she's still a pony, right? Sorry for the dumb questions.
  7. I like this show because of reasons. Hi! I've made the Adventure Time version of the Mane Six. This is the link at DA:
  8. I just saw The Possession and it was pretty funny to see daddy Winchester and the parallelisms with Supernatural.
  9. Hi! I've made the Adventure Time version of the Mane Six. This is the link at DA:
  10. I'm kind of a cosplayer, at least a beginner, so I love to dress up. In my country it's not common to do something in Halloween, unless you have a private party to attend, and this year I think I don't have anything. So, I may prepare myself for a movie session or something.
  11. Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like them! I'm working now in a dark version of them. Hope to finish them soon.
  12. I'm a major geek about comics, right now I'm with Nightbreed Hellblazer Deadpool
  13. I'm watching Michiko to Hatchin (like a road movie, made by the ones that created Cowboy Bebop) and Seins;Gate (science fiction with time travel). They're good!