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  1. Thanks to Kurik Lein for this link: I have 4x Reliant and 6x GreyCat Buggy not in the image I am hoping that some will be used as give aways once Raini commits to streaming Star Citizen. If anyone would like to do some flying, I spend most days in Subscriber chat in SC. I would really like to get some scheduled practice or racing happening. The game crashes, but it is more stable as alpha than gold release games like GTA5 and Witcher3.
  2. A fun link if you are a Subscriber. (Ships: More than I care to mention. Come and visit my hangar once the Social Module drops)
  3. Added to my roster: RSI Aurora MR LTI Origin 300i LTI Idris-P Corvette LTI MISC Freelancer LTI RSI Constellation LTI Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C LTI
  4. When the time comes for the game to allow us to place our Hangars, don't do it right away, everyone. We should try to group ourselves in one area for both protection and coordinated actions. When there is a call to arms or a contract mission for us to work on, we do not want to be spread all over the universe from each other. It is still unclear how ship sharing will work, but, again, closer is better for everyone. I was thinking that we could all wait for Raini to stream then find a place for our organization to plant its flag together. It sounds like the universe is going to be a big place, so we should consolidate our power.
  5. Yes! We are now Space Patrol! Thank you, Raini!
  6. I added the F7C-S Hornet Ghost to my stable of ships.
  7. MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI Aegis Dynamics Retaliator Heavy Bomber - LTI ORIGIN M50 Interceptor - LTI Advanced Hunter Anvil Hornet RSI Constellation - LTI and the most important vehicle in the fleet: Greycat PTV buggy
  8. There was no vote on Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I think it should be Space Patrol because you want it to be Space Patrol. It is such an "inside" name that no one will know what it is unless they hear you playing the episodes.
  9. Hello EveryPony, Even though the Sir Robin's post mentioned Lyra by name, it didn't seem to mean spirited. If I am missing something about this post/thread, please let me know. Lyra can be the judge of whether he is offended or not. You should link it to Lyra, and don't attack another member of this fun community. Thank you, John
  10. Boss, woss bestest in life? Ter crump da NCs, see dim drivun before ya, an ter 'eer da lamentashun o' the Vanu.
  11. Thank you for outlining the most useful commands!
  12. I believe that love should be expressed on more days of the year than one in actions and words, over candy and flowers. That being said, I hope more people are made happy on that day than unhappy. There is enough sadness on 'normal' days of the year.
  13. Please do try to play with Rainicorn again. Her FAQ has a lot of good suggestions to help you get better performance in the game. Scroll to the very bottom of this page: . The most important of all the suggestions is changing the Render Distance in the UserOptions.ini file.
  14. The might of Rainicorn's Terran Republic Platoon... Always a thorn in the side of the panzee Vanu.