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  1. Sounds fair to me Yep. if we get new donators, that's more money to fund towards the servers and maybe more bosses This Flutterbat Model, better be the best work you've ever done. I hope it has movable wings, face reactions. Maybe new animations, everything
  2. Sounds really nice to me. It sounds reasonable for non-donators, even it does sound like restricting it but like you said. It was originally a Seasonal boss. so, if people want to play as Seasonal bosses but doesn't want to make the attempt to wait until that season happens, they can just simply donate and then have play as the boss for as long as they want(donator-wise) Really hope we get to see the Flutterbat being played.
  3. But. . . . .Every changeling is practically the same. . . .? And In do time stuff gets added, I wouldn't mind Changelings but I'm okay with what we got as of now.
  4. I don't really care what opinions you have against the staff. but you need to stop.
  5. If you get distracted enough to get backstabbed then it's your own fault. There have been plenty of times I'm hale and I'm not paying attention and end up getting backstabbed. You pay the price of not being aware of your surroundings. Also spy backstab damage scale based on the people on the server so hale has quite a lot of hp so the backstab damage sounds reasonable. Also this is my personal opinion but I enjoy backstabbing hales so I'd like to not see that change.
  6. An interesting idea, but one that would require coding it into the game. But a mode like that would be more trouble then it is worth.I do love the idea of something new and unique though. This would also require to add a sudden death room in every map. Which isn't going to happen
  7. I'm personally against nerfing the scout due to the fact you also have rage and scouts die in 1 hit. Scouts that only run end up dieing to goomba stomps and super jump attacks and if they fight back. Rage builds making you able to finish them off.
  8. Okay. 1. Hale has a super-jump/teleport. Use it 2. Maybe Just a SLIGHT movement reduced (but you should still have the ability to out run the hale) 3. Enable the CP would just make hales not even chase after the last 3 or 4 or whatever also you aren't thinking about how this effects the other classes. How would you think I feel if I was a spy and I had a scout with me, and the hales decides to just go "screw this" and walk to the CP forcing me to walk up to him and shoot him or backstab him, I don't have anything that can force him off so this is a unfair advantage 4.If they are delaying the round, you can report them.
  9. Now Now, let's not resort to insults were all here to give suggestions on Hales and Current Hale abilities.
  10. That sounds pretty good actually.
  11. You Sprayed a Pornographic Spray on the floor and then sprayed it onto a box in the kakariko map. Maybe you should read the MOTD. Also, I traced the spray.
  12. That's not going to stop people from playing Dead Ringer Spy.
  13. Finally they are making The Battalion's Backup worth using now.