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  1. These are interesting maps for sure, though we already have mc_village_beta. Assuming the servers aren't completely deaderino, these maps could change things up. Hard to tell since there's literally no one - at least from what I can tell - working on the server, so I'm thinking it's abandoned.
  2. Considering that Funbox seems to be the only server that's remotely populated, I'm inclined to believe the servers will be going down soon. Hope not.
  3. Haven't been here a while myself, but I think it's possible. The forums is mostly dead, and the servers are in no better shape save for two.
  4. We'll just have to see if anyone else will vouch for him.
  5. Done with my Overwatch binge, now I can take it easy. I wonder if the servers still get populated. I mean it's pretty dead if there's no Kenpachi Ramasama in there, so that's understandable.


  6. No one will fault you if you made a mistake, and I'm sure that if you're able to convince the higher-ups of your wrongdoing, they'll show leniency. As a Ragnarok/Minecraft Admin, I abhor muting/banning anyone because we're all just here to chill out and game, but you have to be able to show them that you're genuine in what you say, that show you won't do it again. Good luck buddy, hope things turn out well for you.
  7. Man... I miss playing Overwatch... By the way, whomever plays Overwatch, totes add my Battlenet: Rokon#11865 :D

    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Sure i'll add ya, but idk how often we'll play together since i exclusively play with specific people.

    2. Rokon2


      That's fine buddy, I like having friends that are willing to play as opposed to randoms, y'know? :'D

  8. When people thank me for being the only Medic for hours in a server. :D
  9. Pretty old topic but I'd like to add, the reason people feel some type of way about something is mainly because they want to make sure they fit in to society. There was a point in time where pink was considered masculine, and people often dress their children - usually boys - in pink. Once you rule out society in determining whether you should feel ashamed or not, you'll feel a giant weight being lifted off your shoulders. Do what you what, say what you want, look how you want, as long as nobody gets hurt.
  10. What the heck? I thought VSP died. I tried coming here several times over the course of like... two months, and it'd 404. Back to the VSP servers I go!

    1. Aurotzel


      Website got a new url thing. So yeah, old one wouldn't work and all and would give that.

  11. Is it possible to exclusively Rocket Jump around in VSP, or still not yet? I wanna RJ and try to Goomba the Hale rather than shoot. :B

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. sarysa


      Unfortunately, the threat of stalling would kill this idea dead.

    3. Rokon2


      Ah. Well that's lame, but understandable as to why it is. Would have loved to spend the round trying to gooma. Next best option seems to be Detonator/Flare jumping. :V

    4. No Name

      No Name

      Don't forget the back scratcher for some true market gardeneering

  12. Tomorrow's my burfdae yay! Can't wait to get my internet back and play on VSP again, I miss you guys D;. Haven't been on in like... a month and a half I think...

    1. Karlamena


      Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. At all

    2. Disowned the Title Guy
    3. Rokon2


      @Kralthe LOL I suppose, but from what I've been reading on the forums these past couple of days, I feel like I've missed quite a bit~

      @Disowned Of course I did! Being in VSP is hella fun and the people make it more enjoyable; it's really boring at my place, and I upgraded to Win 10 so I have less games to play LOL. I should've done that before coming here, internet's butts right now

  13. Hm, so I'll just find some clips of good lines, mute out those lines and replace them on my own and if they sound fairly legitimate I suppose that could do?
  14. I don't have a specific thing in history that I like, but I am inquisitive. I suppose I do like Steampunk stuff though.
  15. Well, it happened. This early morning, my grandmom passed away. My mom and I prepared for this day, we were expecting it, but no matter how ready you think you are, it's never enough. I had to be strong for my aunt and mom. This sucks.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rokon2


      I appreciate it. I feel a bit awkward; I didn't really cry when I saw her. I'm not really sure how to feel to be honest.

    3. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      *hugs* Here if you need to talk.

    4. Rokon2


      Thanks Zari, I'll keep that in mind.