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  1. Don't take this issue out on TTE, if you have a problem talk to me. And please provide evidence of these so called ddos attacks we've done to your servers.

  2. So much shade that it's causing an eclipse.

  3. Double Standards are a great read.

  4. Ban evasion? All I did was leave because I had to get off the computer so I did. And in regard to Luna being a less offender, he had Evaded ban on two different accounts and purposely attacked an admin with chat spam. Again I understand what I did will go punished and I apologize again, but I've seen people do worse then just spam a few innapropriate lines and still get off the hook. As a first time offender in a little over 2 years I just let a bad manner slip. But I did not evade a ban since i came on a few hours after and nothing was done even after a few admins came on and I actually talked to. In the end of the day, I believe the perma ban was just way too much for what I did, but you're the boss I guess. I just want you to understand my side of the story.
  5. Username: Cynical SteamID: STEAM_0:1:35150643 Ponyville (Texas) - Versus Ponyville Transgression: Spamming Chat with Inappropriate language "I want to cum inside Twilight Sparkle hole." Well to start off I understand well of what I did, and I will accept responsibility for my actions. However I was thinking that a perma ban did seem a bit off for the violation. While explicit content is against the rules, I was warned by an admin at the time (The Mr. Kumar) to stop and I had obliged to the warning. A few days later I was spoken to ingame by the console (which was Videogames380) that I will face punishment and was banned permanently. At first I was okay with it because I did deserve a ban, but when I had looked at the time limit, I was shocked. All I'm asking is for a reduction on the ban to whatever is deemed appropriate. And if it's found that the admins deem the perm ban appropriate, I just have to deal with it. If the admins could clear the whole situation and explanation on why the ban was perma to clarify things for me, that would be appreciated, I just was deeply saddened that my two years on this server was going to be ended over a silly reason. With all do respect, I do not wish to start anything, just did not want to have to leave the server on a bad note. I do enjoy playing on the server everyday and this had devastated me when I found out. Again I apologize for my rude behavior and I'm asking for a second chance. Thank you for taking your time for reading this, and have a good day.
  6. I found a bagel on the road, do I eat it?

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    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Do what Malcolm said followed by what Torky said.

    3. Cha


      why wouldn't you

    4. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Yes, eat it. Decades of video games have taught us that food lying on the floor/road has instant healing properties. That bagel is probly at least a 25% heal item. If you're not injured, take it anyway so you can 'Backstab Murphy' your friend who is at 5% life.

  7. Terarria Halloween: 2spoopy.

  8. I want to be a better scoot.

  9. You're my National Treasure.

  10. You've met a terrible fate, haven't you?

    1. DJ Zapple

      DJ Zapple

      Tell BEN I said hello.

  11. im a gud playur >isnt
  12. Im 12 and what is this.