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  1. Intresting new layout, I shall indeed love and tolerate the *BLEEEEEEP*.........

  2. YESH my masterpiece i spent a whole five minutes on is a sucsess, now for the sequel,I retire to the man cave
  3. 50 shades of bacon There once was a unicorn made of bacon called steve, he was created by Twilight one day to crave her thirst for bacon.Then 5 alicorns married to the polygamist Celestia came to eat the bacon with her.The Main 6 also came out of nowhere to join in on the bacon feast of their unicorn friend.Durring the exctasy of enjoying th tastey bacon, someone started to go down below the belt of the bacon unicorn,then an orgy happened.Several secks were had and people died like the greeks in their orgy.Too bad the Greeks have no money to spend on orgys anymore because their so poor.Then shirtless Will Smith came from the fourth wall to say "IM TIRED OF THE MONKEY FLIPPING RINGERS ON THIS MONDAY TO FRIDAY PLANE".Will smith joined in on the poverty enriched greek pony orgy and it was good.Then celestia created the national bacon orgy fun day and it was celebrated every year.FInally all the main 6 had bacon will smith pony babys. The end M I gud rigter yt?