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  1. Hey guys. my name is Andreas Alexander Fox II. but you can call me andy for short. i'm looking to start a new RP and i was wondering if anyone would like to help me out with this. Send me your OC's background and i will send a message back letting you know that you can join. I have just a few rules. 1.) Be nice to everyone else 2.) No bullying 3) Have fun
  2. mind if i join. im on everyday. my OC is my name. Andreas Alexander Fox II. he's a fox as you could probably tell. and i will be here and not gone tomorrow and then come back a month later. it drives me nuts!
  3. Hey guys! It's me andreas. You can call me kit or you can call me andy. It doesn't matter to me what ya call me. as long as its nice.

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      Welcome to the forums!

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      10/10 would read again!

  4. King Kit, as mine is called in heavan's helm, is a fox that isn't like any normal fox. he's an anthro (look up the definission) with white fur and dark blue eyes, white wings, good atitude, half his rigt ear, and his left eye is replaced with a robtoic one as is his right leg. he has been in so many wars that the last war he was, it got his eye removed in a torture session and his right leg chopped off. they were replaced wiht robotics and now he is a king of his great grandfather's planet, in which it's ina differnt dimension, but he is not an angry fox, but a very curious one at that and always willing to help out in anyway he can. he is faster than rainbowdash and way stronger than anypony in equestria, and his magic out classes that of Princess clestia. he is super strong and can lift up to an amount of 80,000 tons of weight before he cant's move. Wat do ya think guys?
  5. my cutie mark would have a bass guitar with music notes or a flame colored blue and white. what do you guys think?