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  1. Can you please contact me on Skype or Steam if you see this? I want to talk with you
  2. I think I might start slipping into self harm territory again. I constantly have thoughts about hurting myself, and it didn't get better from getting betrayed by 2 IRL friends at once on Saturday. Just wondering why I bother go on.
  3. I bought one of them Alien Swarm hats for a Vintage FaN and 0.66 refined before I knew it was a free promotional hat. Boy do I regret that one, now I only have like 1 or 2 Vintage FaN's left (#furstwurldprublems)
  4. Hope you will do well over there. Stay safe and take care now
  5. Every single fucking "boss" in Bioshock Infinite, with the possible exception of the ghost of Lady Comstock which at least was a tad challenging (but only because she spammed mobs all over the bloody place and you had to constantly chain Shock Jockey head explosions to get anywhere during the fight). I truly despise "cutscene bosses", one button press and bam, prerendered animation of you killing them. Oh well, at least the story made up for it. Also for one of the Nintendo classics, the bosses in Super Mario World where pretty easy for the most part, though those where actually pretty fun. I also heard the final boss of Aliens: Colonial Marines was pretty easy shit (and shit).
  6. Oh dear... well try and listen to your rational part and try not to stress to much about it. I am sure you will be fine.
  7. Oh dear... well remember things are not always easy and it might not be too late to apologize for whatever you did. Just learn to live with your mistake and be sure to not do it again whatever it was.
  8. A language not everyone have learned from birth
  9. Outch, yeah it always sucks when friends doesn't seem to care. I hope things go better between you two and that your friend manages to be a bit more, well, friendly with time.
  10. This site got a pretty cool goal going. Hopefully they will manage to help out with gamer culture over time

  11. Yikes... sorry to hear that Rainbro... Well whatever you do don't give up now. Your job might suck but things can and will get better over time. Perhaps be on a lookout for a new job while still doing your old job, quitting if something better pops up? Also you could check how the job market in Canada is and perhaps save up to see if there is a possibility to move there if that would give you some better choices in profession. Could take a good while to afford it if it is a option there, but hey worth checking into. I know life haven't been good on you, but you are much stronger than I think you realize yourself. When you have made it this far then you simply can't give up now, for us and for yourself. Take care and I hope you will get it better soon. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to do something with, I am here as always. *hugs*
  12. Yikes... well first of all do not kill yourself, then your shitty parents will "win over you" and you would also make all of us very sad for losing you. *hugs* And as I have said before feel free to come chat with me whenever you want about anything and everything. You can be as openly yourself as you want around me at least. Just hang in there and don't give up. And if you wanted to learn about music I would be happy to try and teach you a thing or two hehe
  13. Hope you feel better soon man *hugs* And well don't be too hard on yourself. I understand it must be hard to see your grandfather like that. If I where you I would be sure to at least visit him once though before it's to late, to say a goodbye and such. Not getting to say goodbye is terrible. And hey, if you are sad don't be afraid to show it, though very happy to hear you are not thinking about death anymore.
  14. I had a fancy one of Octavia performing on a big stage but it lagged the site down so had to use one of the default nighttime backgrounds instead.
  15. Oh you so silly.