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  1. Also, if it doesn't seem like Mewmewcat killed me, after I logged off, he sent me a message in steam saying "You mad bro? :)"
  2. Actually, I force quit when I was unconscious... O_o I saw my corpse when I logged on the next day and it had the same stuff I did, except for the fact that it had a Kobra on it. I honestly don't know how that happened. As for how I got the gear, I got it from the Christmas event, but not in a bag from Pinkie. A hacker logged on that night and spawned everyone to the same place several times and started killing them, but I got lucky and hid in a bush when he didn't see me. After he got kicked, I started looting corpses and found most of that stuff and decided to keep it (The M4A1 CCO, Coyote pack, and NVG's were legit, I found them at separately crash sites, deer stands, and military tents)
  3. Does he pee on your lap too? Negative ghost face. But he does pee on my floor Maybe your floor is zombies then.
  4. Oh hell wtf, how did it find my old Sharkrocket picture!?!
  5. Hey, I'm Noah Hall... Obviously. My steam name is usually either "Noah Hall"... Yeah... Or "The Entire Mongol Horde" Happy to have found a great server like this one!