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  1. lvl 30, I somewhat enjoy LoL, only when friends don't get heated about it. Riven top is really my thing, domaines majority, though easily countered by Darius. I do enjoy a J4/Yi jungle though. Much fun. I prefer staying out of bot lane, though I will say my Ez/Draven can be rather OP
  2. *Mumbles with mouth full* Someone has bad table manners >.>
  3. That moment when you're riding in a jeep with your friend as you have a attack chopper chasing you with explosives going off everywhere as you pull out your RPG and shoot em down! The crash of the heli knocks your jeep to the side and you roll out of the jeep into an upcoming ambush on your objective and have to defend it against the enemy at all costs! You have a scout Heli coming in to help assist along with some tanks. I love Battlefield.
  4. Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

  5. Oh BF4, you so cray-cray

  6. I'd be glad to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. ~Marco~ "SWAGBRO?"
  8. Warface is a game, by Crytek, setting a new standard in F2P FPS. Warface is currently in a open Russian beta, though playable by all. (You just won't be able to read it unless you know Russian. Though this isn't a problem, considering I'm playing it) The English version still has TBA, but the ETA is sometime this year. Currently the Russian beta has PvE and PvP game modes, and 6 maps combined total. Below is one of the trailers. Here is where you can go to the English site to reserve your username for when the English version is released. Here is where the Russian beta is, and you can download and play immediately. Now don't forget, this is a English only forum, so despite the game being in Russian, talk English please. Now personally, I love this game. It takes a great amount of team work to complete each mission, and the new features they added are quite phenomenal to be free. So, what do you think of Warface?
  9. Waffles are where it is at, they have dips that can hold the syrup. CAN YOUR PANCAKES DO THAT?!?
  10. Jon. Pizza or Cake?
  11. Wow, good job. Keep it coming.
  12. Though I'm an American, I know a LOT of bronys that live in Great Britain.
  13. And One- Bodypop I would go with almost all their albums, though this one was best.
  14. Fallout 3 was a fantastic game, started out evil than found out about what you could get for being good so I switched over. Have it for xbox, might get it for PC, for mods.