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  1. I did not say this statement

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    2. PK Rockin'

      PK Rockin'

      :D You're back? How ya feelin?

    3. 10RSAX


      I pinkie promise to not pinkie promise.

    4. 10RSAX


      @PK I'm feeling pretty ok, glad that somebody realized I was gone. I was beginning to feel like you guys forgot about me!

  2. Today, this kid called my Rainbow Dash, because he knows that RD is my fav pony. So I said right back at him without missing a beat, "bitch please! I'm Rainbow CRASH!". Like a boss.

    1. Rainbro Dash
    2. The Dancing Pyro

      The Dancing Pyro

      Do you run into walls then?

    3. 10RSAX


      No, I run 50+ mph off cliffs.

      *shows car accident scars*

  3. tenor Sax, huh? I played tuba when I was about 13-14. :P

    1. 10RSAX


      Well why did you stop?

  4. So I just got out of the doctors office. He cut out 2 huge chunks of glass. Waiting for the scalpel was easily as scary or scarier than the car crash itself. Lol, but I'm glad it's out of there and over.

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    2. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Dang! You still had glass in you?!?!

    3. 10RSAX


      eeyup. You could feel it poking through the skin lol. But we're pretty sure it's all out, and I'm going back in 2 weeks.

    4. Cinnamon Groove
  5. Well, the interview seemed like it went ok. Now comes the waiting game....

  6. I've got amother interview after school today! Wish me luck! I just hope this one goes better than the last one...

    1. Johnny Hoof

      Johnny Hoof

      You got this man! Just relax! You'll do fine XD

  7. Since this one isn't taken, I'm Ponyville's guitar player!
  8. I've got a job interview today after school. Wish me luck! Cause I REALLY need this job!

  9. Well, concert and contest season has officially started for band. Guess what I'm going to be doing for the next 8 weeks. I'll give you a hint: it's NOT enjoying myself.

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    2. 10RSAX


      Oh, if only! If only I could do a pony solo for the solo I have to do. Oh if only...

    3. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      I actually figured out the MLP theme on Baritone Sax

    4. 10RSAX


      It's not that hard to transpose...

  10. Funny you should say that. Personally, I hate Gran Turismo, Burnout, and all thing of the like unless I'm just derping around. After 12 years of the real deal, the lack of realism in games like Gran Turismo really gets to me. The only one I can take seriously anymore is iRacing, because it's as real as it gets. If only I could have a stupid expensive sim setup, then I could give a full proper analysis. As it is though, you have to feel the car through the wheel and base the rest off sight and sound. From what I can tell, they've got it nailed. I also have LFS, which I love for kicks, and rFactor, which I really don't like. I also have KartSim Pro, which is alright. If it wasn't so annoying to navigate the menus I'd play it more. On the note of rally racing, Sebastian Loeb is one hell of a driver. Love watching him go down some of those roads. You guys aren't the only ones. I have always loved racing and driving stuff. And after so much of the real deal, I've run into the same problem, that un realism is just annoying and some racing games just aren't fun anymore. I still wish I could get back into doing the real thing again. Those were some good times!
  11. Ack, lets keep this chain agoin!

  12. Well, my mom and I both found cars we like. Both are very much in our price range, and we would be coming in below our budgeted amount. Now we just need to wait for insurance money to come in.

    1. nope


      It's the waiting, it's the hardest part

  13. I just tried to do some of my homework from school I missed, but then I realized something. I have no idea what I am doing!

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    2. 10RSAX


      MAYBE! haha, but I 'm guessing you doing better Fluffy?

    3. Lord Fluffy
    4. 10RSAX


      Oh... Well I am deeply sorry to hear that...

  14. You know you go to a good church when your convinced every service is comparable to a stand up comedy show.

    1. Cinnamon Groove
    2. nope


      Sounds entertaining indeed