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  1. Pinkamena please hug me.
  2. We'll love and tolerate the 'meow' out of you!

    1. Coffey
    2. Rainy


      See, it is more fun this way because we can play madlibs!

  3. I'm just glad you never shot me a loooong time ago :3 O~O I would N~eeever!
  4. I am helping! I am helping! *shoots everyone* ^w^
  5. I banned you because you were disrespectful to the admins, and I saw the way you talk on NJ. In my opinion, you deserve to be perma banned :3
  6. Thats how(and why) you play scout, to annoy the meow out of hale. Your fault for not killing the heavy sooner, or realizing it too late. And well~ Seems like video succeeded in annoying the meow out of hale this time ^-^ Also, you aren't any better by calling him coward all the time~
  7. Tootsie is mah waifu
  8. Ruby
  9. <3, hope you come back soon, thar be an adam missin ye

    1. Ruby Flute

      Ruby Flute

      I wonder if I can write here... guess I can! :3 Juuug! Now I wanna be back more ; w; Nya.. oh well, miss you Juggy Jug <3 I'll be on skype this weekend if you wanna chat :3 tell Adam too <3

  10. Linky! Amc! >w< Yay for Wild! I-I can play medic.. i-if you really can't find a m-medic..
  11. Ruby :3
  12. Oh gosh I can't handle all this cuteness > ~ < Raini <3
  13. Not now Twilight!! I'm baking cupcakes!

    1. Lord Monochromicorn

      Lord Monochromicorn

      Sorry if I disturbed you. D:

    2. Screwsies


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