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  1. Thanks dashtm for letting me post on your forums. Happy Holidays! Come join the largest Highlander (9v9) competition in the world! UGC Highlander Season 9 will begin January 21st and signups are now open. Whether you're from North or South America, Europe, Asia, Australia or New Zealand, we have teams in your region to play against. Skill divisions ensure beginning and veteran teams alike have a shot at #1. There is an unusual hat giveaway open to all participants in addition to an in-game medal. For the top finishers in each division, there are prizes and unique in-game medals. Highlander not your speed? Our 6v6 Season 11 starts Jan 23rd. This is limited to North America and Europe only. In-game keys will be awarded to the top finishers. All this and free to boot! Come see what over 8,000 players have already experienced. We've left a spot open just for you.