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  1. Is it odd that I think about my GF so much when we're apart? Pfff, course not.

  2. I can get rather picky with what anime I watch. Not too big on stuff that is goofy or over the top. I prefer my anime heavy in drama and excell with character and plot development. Some of my notable favorites include: -Steins;Gate -Nana -Pyscho-Pass -Ghost in the Shell With Ghost in the Shell being my all-time all around favorite, both movies and TV.
  3. What I'm curious about is the keys for opening them. The crates are a special kind of crate, in that they appear to be a limited-time-offer kind of crate, like the scorched crates, but they have no expiration date. This means they will be around long after this update comes. Which kind of has me thinking that you may not necessarily buy the keys for opening them from the store, or if you can, buying them will be a limited time deal. What I'm thinking is that getting the robo keys might have something to do with playing mann up in this new update. That maybe you have to earn the keys by playing tours.
  4. It is why I don't really mind playing on stock maps while I'm in San Jose/Cali. It is also why I encourage the few players that are on to vote for a map that is stock so that newer players don't have to worry about downloading maps they probably don't want to download.
  5. Selling the first crate 30 that dropped on me for 9 refined. So glad I kept the second one that dropped on me.
  6. So, since I've been going to the ponyville tf2 servers for a year, thought it was about time I showed some activity on this end

  7. I drink coffee only if it seems necessary. For example, I've spent all of monday night in the library and have recieved 0 hours of sleep. I'll just walk on over to Peet's coffee and get a medium coffee. Add a little low-fat milk but nothing else really. (Also, yeah, this is me after being around tf2 ponyville servers for almost a year and only now making a post here.)