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  1. Progress is moving, albeit slowly. Should have more screenshots once I finish the base of the map.
  2. If I happen to come across you in-game, I'll remove the gag. However, if you act up again, I will not be removing any future punishments. Feel free to add me as a way to communicate further.
  3. I do not intend to come across as mean or anything, but saying something like that does not promote confidence.
  4. That was my intention with this build as it was the most common complaint... well aside from the elevators being the spawn of the devil and the basement being too "maze" like.
  5. Another change of note is that Red Team will now spawn in the basement.
  6. I'll upload the video to youtube and submit a link for it once it's done.
  7. Please keep the following in mind when watching the video: 1. All textures are placeholders!!! 2. BSP portion of the map is almost complete (just missing the rocky base to cover up the basement from the outside). 3. Props have not been added yet. 4. Map has not been configured for Arena_ yet. 5. Airlifts not been added yet. 6. Proper lighting has not been added yet. 7. There will be no elevators!
  8. Might be time to return to completing that map that's been 2/3rds done for 3 months...

  9. Sorry, but that's really not possible. Having AI is a lot more complex then just adding a bot via console commands and tf2 bots are horrendous at melee with their tracking.
  10. Looking pretty good there; keep up the good work.
  11. Glory to the Empire! While I knew this game would have it's problems, I'm glad that you spent most of your time saying what you don't like, rather then harping/bashing upon it. I can understand not liking the pickup system, which I personally don't mind myself, but that health regeneration... not a fan at all. ​As an aside, that AT-ST got seriously cheese-balled.
  12. I'd be happy with the eradication of the spellbook currently in gameplay until a serious overhaul takes place, which may or may not happen anyways.
  13. Looking pretty good. I look forward to it's progress. I'm kinda slouching waiting on Source 2 before getting into map making again. + been working a lot of OT at work...
  14. Buff all the bosses.