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  1. Anyone else from here going to Kumoricon this year? It's Labor Day Weekend in Vancouver Washington. Went last year, dressed up as Big Mac and my girlfriend was Detective Pinkie Pie, we're going to dress up as Scout and Engineer this year. It'd be cool to meet some of you and hang out!
  2. STEAM_0:0:15683123 Thank you very much for checking it!
  3. Recently on the servers I've noticed I can't type, like at all. Nothing that uses the text box will work either, so I cannot call for Medic or use ZX commands. I've also noticed I can't gain rank and have been stuck at where I've been for about a week now. I really don't know why I'd be mute banned or gagged or whatever it's called since I really never type or use my mic. I'm just curious if I've been gagged/banned or if I'm just bugging out in the servers.
  4. A peacoat?
  5. A bunch of new clothes, Money, box of Return to Ravnica MTG cards and a bunch of packs, a really nice custom leather life counter for tabletop games, Assassins Creed 3, V for Vendetta graphic novel, Chocolate
  6. There's.. there's no CD drive What wizardry is this?
  7. Here's one I built for a friend of mine. Blu-Ray drive, 2tb HDD, 64gb SSD boot drive, 16 gigs of DDR3, i7-3770k clocked up to 4 GHz, GTX 670, ASUS Sabertooth Mobo, and a bitchin' Cooler Master case. It's... my greatest creation yet.
  8. I'm afraid of stuff touching my eyes. Anything that has to do with the eye ball itself makes me cringe. I'll never be able to wear contacts because of this, and while I was getting an eye exam a few years ago they had to touch my pupil with a device to see if I had glaucoma, and after it happened I went into shock and just started crying. I think my main phobia that encompasses that is I'm afraid of losing my eye sight, which also sucks because I see visual snow everywhere and it makes it hard to see stuff far away when driving, at night especially.
  9. Words having more than one meaning is honestly why people get offended. Just because someone might think the word "faggot" as an example is just a slang term they'd say to their friend, someone else might take it entirely different and be offended because of how they associate the word. It's just an act of kindness to not swear in public, honestly. Gives you as a person a better image.
  10. Online and in games I'll swear because no one knows my face/who I am, and with my friends I do because it's just second nature. But in public, I ALWAYS make sure to never swear since I think it's disgusting when other people you don't know who might get offended by it can hear it when you're in person.
  11. New medi gun is hit or miss. Still stomped people running around with it last night who expected they could just run dick first into a heavy and expect me doing less damage to mean anything.
  12. Come oooonnnnn someone else please like UNKLE
  13. I went full Apple Bloom
  14. The Ratchet and Clank series as a whole for me. I got over a million bolts in the first one which is stupid hard to do since it takes over 100 hours and like 7 play throughs, but I did it. Up Your Arsenal is my personal favorite because it's the only one I've managed to completely 100%. Awesome games.