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  1. Hello everyone, im looking for new wallpapers since my wallpapers have been the same for like 6 months or something. So, go ahead and feel free to share awesome wallpapers, pony drawings with awesome backgrounds or cool photos :3 PS: Dont know if this thread is in the right place :/ ....
  2. Handcuffed for life with Doc Whooves!? Damn it! PS: Lol you cant be banished to the moon with applejack or a g3 pony :O
  3. Well, best shipping for me are TwiDash, TwiShy, Twixie, Twilestia (Twilight with molestia or celestia and all of the lestias), mostly Twilight related couples ^^ I cant see Pinkie Pie in a relationship because she is just too childish. Applejack/Rarity are not character who i am interested in... Rainbow dash is okay as long as she is with Twilight... Same with Fluttershy Sir Lintsalot and Madame are a good couple too.
  4. Woah god damnit, sarge, rainbro, CPL pinkamena, show yourselves!!
  5. Im straight, i just cant see a man with that look, i did not imagine that so many people would be bisexual. Luckly im very openminded on the whole sexual thing (including fetishes), i tolerate gays, i tolerate furries, i tolerate haters, i tolerate and understand pretty much everything
  6. Hi everypony i wanted to know what you all do besides TF2. I like to draw ponies, play the guitar aaaaand i love noodles :3 So, what do you guys do and like to do? (like eating noodles, i mean, they are the best thing EVER)
  7. Hi there everypony, im not much of an artist, i just love to draw ponies, and even tho they are just ponies, it is really difficult to me to draw them Well, here is my deviant art page Im right now learning how to do vectors and stuff like that with my mouse (i dont own a tablet :( )
  8. You have to choose, chimicherry or cherrychanga?
  9. My parents always said to me "kid, there is no such thing as boy's stuff and girl's stuff" and i grew up with that thought, and when i watched my little pony i said "dude, it is just a show, lets give it a try, remember, it is just a show, nopony will give a fuck, we are grown ups now" (yeah, i was wrong) So, to sum it up, yeah, my parents were very openminded, and they still are now, so they really dont give a fuck about bronies and ponies :D
  10. Hello everypony, i wanted to say, im tired of playing the same old maps on dallas again and again and again. Everytime i play are always the same maps, Gorge, Foundry, and Badlands, or another random map, but there are maps that i miss, like kakariko, minepit, clashwork, and other maps i cant remember. Now i want to know if this is an error (or something else) , or dallas is going to be that way forever, because i'm really getting tired of playing in the same maps
  11. no!, i love to be 37! i played so hard to be 37!!!
  12. wait, i have a question a clopper is a person who actually fap to ponies or just enjoys to watch pony porn (i dont know if the humanized ponies porn is considered hentai or what)?? And well, acording to the topic, i dont red clopfictions, and i dont like pony porn, it is kinda gross. The only thing i tolerate is Princess Molestia, because she is not explicit about the sex act. And i really dont care if there are people who reads clopfiction or grim dark (Actually i kinda like grim dark), or anything else, thats not my business, and im a brony, i love and tolerate everything so...
  13. Well, this is my picture, well is not a picture, is more a wallpaper of me And here is another one of me partying as hard as possible :D,r:2,s:19 PS: Now, im going to get a camera and post a REAL picture of me
  14. Well, my english is not so understandable, and that's because english is my second language, so please be nice. I wanted to apologize for being an uninvited -UFF- . That happened because it is really dificult to me to hear and understand english, so when they explained to me what was -UFF- i heard really, really wrong, i mean, i thought that -UFF- was something like a "just for fun" group or something, and now that i know it isn't a "just for fun" group i've been feeling really stupid, and everyday i've been thinking "OMFG i wasn't invited to the group, it was a group, i have to apologize". PD: If this stuff is off topic i'm sorry i didn't know how or where make my apologize.
  15. i think he couldn't make it C'mon Lord show em' a little Fluffy