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  1. This is my final post on Ponyville. I'm not sticking around to read replies. I'm cutting loose all my former life, hoping something new will come about. I'm still underemployed while my UC benefit continues to run out. I'm facing constant rejection in my desperate search to get a full-time job to keep the bills paid. After investing over $200 in travel expenses, I've been deemed 'medically unfit' to work at the TSA. My emotions have ranged back and forth from Suicidal depression to Violent anger over the last few days. There is honestly no one here I connect with anymore. I haven't been interested in Ponies for over a year. Goodbye.
  2. I'm leaving.

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      That's sudden, what's wrong?

    2. Hazard Time

      Hazard Time

      He made a post in the "Heavy" thread. He's leaving, most likely permanently.

  3. You can adjust the settings on your facebook page to only allow friends to see your posts. You may even be able to adjust per post, IIRC.
  4. "M'lady....." Is it me or should this guy go one or two sizes bigger? It doesn't look like it fits properly. Also, let's bring back the bowler, internet. It is time. ...And not just in the Steampunk circuit.
  5. Why are you Facebook friend with D-bags? Just drop his ass. "Wear what you want." --A guy who dresses like he's on his way to a Def Leppard concert in 1987
  6. Got to stop by the Living Dead Museum after a job interview today. Totally made the eight hour round trip worth it.

  7. Been doing the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher on audiobook. I'm through the first nine books at this point. Really good story, kind of a wizard private-eye sort of supernatural noir type thing. Good reading, as well, by James Marsters.
  8. The sad thing to me is that five minutes' research would have debunked the Slenderman myth for those girls. That thing's only five years old. What comes next down the stupid trail? Does the ghost of Nyan cat replace Bloody Mary? Urban legends about Nick Cage reaction pics? Geez these kids are stupid and fucked up. Also, at what point in a child's development are parents absolved of any responsibility to raise and watch said child? You don't go from zero to making up a cult to planning out a murder overnight. Even if the month's worth of planning was hidden from said parents, how much daily neglect in the workings of the child's life led to this? Children are more than tax credits or government income. They are a responsibility to raise properly. In cases like this, violent or planned-out crimes committed by children, the parents should bear some of the punitive measures of these crimes, as their lack of parenting is a major contributing factor. While I'm not saying to lock people up for being bad parents, there should at least be fines or community service issued. Maybe even one night in the prison they'd be sentenced to, to drive home the lifestyle their child will be subjected to for the next several years. Television, videogames, and the internet can be very influential to a child's development. That can be positive or negative. But any parent that doesn't guide their kid through it, and take steps to limit the bad influences on them, is doing a horrible job as a parent. The question becomes at what point is does it become criminal negligence?
  9. I don't even know where to start.... Anyway, it's late here. I'm gonna put some thoughts down on this tomorrow. Meanwhile feel free to discuss this stupid, stupid tragedy.
  10. Watching the show doesn't make you feminine any more than watching horror films makes you a sociopath. If it's there, it's there. I f you didn't notice a feminine side to your personality until after watching the show, either you aren't that introspective or you just haven't had a chance to express it in a healthy way before. You shouldn't be ashamed for watching any t.v show What you should be ashamed about is if your level of outward enthusiasm and obsession (let's call that exofandom) is distracting or annoying to those around you that don't share in the same level of exofandom (there, I used it) making you come off like some asshat that no one wants to be around. Seriously. Take that shit down a notch. And you know who you are. T-shirts are fine. as are hats, and other creative tweaks to a mundane outfit. Talk about the show around others that like it. Mention it briefly to those that might. But don't run around the mall in a Rainbow Dash fursuit screaming out the lyrics to Winter Wrap-up. Don't show up at local pizza place with toys and try to make them draw Fluttershy on your box. Seriously, you look like a dick. You're far more likely to turn people of the of the show that way, as well as generate negativity to the more balanced fans in your area, or everywhere if you're filming your bad behavior for youtube. That's what you should be ashamed of.
  11. I might be joining a local paranormal investigation group.

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    2. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Yeah, I've been there. I'm a bit sensitive to energies, and part of me is terrified at the thought of being at some of these places.

    3. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      and yes, I had to look up 'shit's not cash'.

    4. Simple
  12. Godzilla (the new one) It started out interesting, but minor annoyances and not-so minor annoyances built up throughout, and by the end it had sunk to mediocrity in my opinion. Not saying it was bland. It was interesting, but the good parts were outweighed by the poor. The biggest gripe that sticks out is (minor spoiler) Don't bother to see this movie in 3D. I think the 3D made it even worse. Quick breakdown of 3D: Foreground objects are filmed to pop out. This fails in that the monster were too big to ever be in the foreground. As a result, The extra 3 bucks for 3D goes to seeing needless pop-out dramatic stares by the same main character all fricking movie. I got so tired of seeing that guy stare pensively just off screen popping right out like it was supposed to impress. Oh, and the occasional cell phone or random foreground object, as well as poorly shot foreground shadows that felt just like some asshat was sticking his hand in front of the projector. There were two good (but brief) 3D scenes that stuck out to me. Both were perspective shots, where the camera is looking through a window or a destroyed wall. Both gave a nice immersive feeling, but do not excuse the crap. overall 2.5 / 5 with 3D 0.5 / 5 If you want to see Godzilla, you're better off watching Pacific Rim and pretending one of the Kaiju are Godzilla. Or maybe even one of the Jaegers. Either way, really.
  13. Just venting here. Got let go from work back in march. The company just shut down. Despite having orders, they couldn't get the money around to purchase the materials needed for the orders we had, and their credit was dead. Been hanging in there, applying to anything I can think of. Got an interview about once a week, but no job as of yet. I have a plan, though. I'm applying to the local Electricians' Union for an apprenticeship. I finally have an idea for a career that I will enjoy. Just a waiting game mostly, and waiting means getting a job in the meanwhile. One of our dogs needed put down in late march, as well. She was about 16 or so, and was pretty much gone upstairs. I don't think she was really even cognizant when we took her. Now our other one is due. It' a hard decision, because she is only 10. She's completely aware and still can muster some energy, but last year she got a mast cell tumor on her leg. They operated and cut it off, along with a bunch of maybe tumors all over her leg, but as soon as she healed they came back so fast and so bad. She has one about the size of two golf balls on the outside of her leg, and the ones on the inside grew together to something about the size of a catcher's mitt. They're both open, seeping, and necrotic. We couldn't afford to get them removed, even if it was possible, which I doubt without taking the whole leg. Even then they could just come back worse. We couldn't afford the chemotherapy, either. She's already ten, and not a small dog, so even if we could magically put out 4-5 grand, she'd pretty much be spending most of the rest of her lifespan in recovery, anyway. So it looks like we're taking her to get put down Thursday. She's the first dog I had since the one I had when I was a kid, and it's just so hard to let go and to say goodbye, especially when part of me is still screaming that she isn't that bad yet, that she still has good months left in her. But I know that isn't true. While she can still muster some enthusiasm, and even want to go for a waddle-y walk, she is suffering. Her weight has gone down until you can really feel her spine and ribs. her skin is hanging off her belly, and those tumors are just stinking, oozing, nasty necrotic flesh, and she is constantly licking and chewing at them. I know it's time, but it so hard to let go. So anyway that's what I've been up to lately.
  14. I imagine you could take it in steps with her. Don't you need to go through basic training of some sort before being posted overseas? If that's the case, You could have the military discussion now, then have time for her to adjust until you drop the overseas thing. Also, if you wait until it is more solid, you'll have more facts about it. It will be easier for her to hear "I want to post to France, etc., for x weeks" than to just hear " I want to go far, far away in any particular direction for any length of time"
  15. You should get that depression checked out by a professional. From what I've read, (I've been down a very similar road for a few years) you likely don't have to worry much about bipolar. If all the swings go down, it's more likely depression. It doesn't really matter your success or circumstances, it can hit you just as hard regardless. On your way to seeking professional counseling, I suggest visiting to read up on it. They have a lot of really helpful articles about how to deal with depression, hopelessness, low self-image, and stuff like that. I've been fighting that beast a lot lately. Been terrified for the last two years that the company I work for was going to shut down. Those fears were justified back in march, when they actually did. Now I have the boredom of not having a job to spend eight hours a day at mixed with the pressure to get one in six months (hopefully one that pays at least close to what I was making) or lose my lifestyle, house, and likely have to move my wife and myself in with a parent in a great failstorm. The best I can really do is keep those thoughts at bay with a generous amount of positive thinking and distractions. Don't worry too hard about a few missed or delayed opportunities. They tend to come back around. One good thing about this work shutdown was it finally forced me to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. I'm applying now for an Electrician's Apprenticeship. Once that's underway, I'll get on-the-job training and eventually be a certified Electrician. I'll finally have a career and not just a job. I may be 40 by the time that happens, but better late than never.