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  1. $25 gift certificate offered in exchange.by Andrew GoldfarbJanuary 2, 2013 Southington, Connecticut is seeking to collect and destroy violent games. A new initiative called the Violent Video Games Return Program is offering citizens a $25 gift certificate in exchange for their violent games. According to Polygon, the collected games will then be "snapped, tossed into a town dumpster and likely later incinerated." The event is organized by the SouthingtonSOS, which includes members of “the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, board of education, fire department, town officials, United Way and local clergy.” Violent movies and music will also be accepted. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/01/03/connecticut-town-will-collect-destroy-violent-games
  2. I've been betrayed by a friend just a few hours ago, and Xmas sucked so hard I cried. Happy Fucking New Year. Maybe if I'm lucky the lung cancer will finally hit in 2013.

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    2. Flare Tumble

      Flare Tumble

      Well I can say I'm up there with you but mine is quite different from friends betraying, its more about the past 4 years of my life with me being homeschooled and having my sub-consious being trapped inside my imagination making me go to a point of near insanity.

      The reason it is all like that is after being abrubtly taken from school and losing my friends I resorted to my imagination to keep myself company and as I tried to pull myself from my imagination I had gotten "tra...

    3. Flare Tumble

      Flare Tumble

      * I had gotten "trapped" within it so now I hear, see, and feel things that I know for a solid fact aren't real.

      So fingers crossed for a happy 2013.

    4. Chief Wolfee

      Chief Wolfee

      Mind if I just start by saying sorry that you're feeling terrible, and trust me my past few days have had me feel like I'd like to end it here. However, wishing for death, like what Rainbro said, means that you don't know what death is. All and all, I'm wishing that you'll get through this, and have a good 2013.

  3. My existence blows goats right now. Survivin'...

    1. nope


      Aww, what's the matter?