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  1. Don't worry, Ponk. You aren't the only one who wants the server back up. The more we ask the more we let the server hosts know that people would still like to see the server come back up. Also, Bump
  2. I'm pretty sure that server was the old one being hosted by Zimtower. Not the new server that is being worked on by the Ponyville people. That server probably wont be up very often or even at all, and no one seems to know when the new server will come up.
  3. Heh... Could you guys share with us the changes you are making to the gun balance from the original TTT setup? Some numbers would be nice too, but I'm just a little bit curious about how much the guns are being changed.
  4. THANK YOU! A million times, thank you!
  5. NO RACISM, SEXISM, OR HOMOPHOBIA This includes jokes and slurs. Behave respectfully. It's a rule and you ignored it. This also goes for the OP. Just want to point out that that is part of the TF2 MOTD. A game I very much do not like to play. It kinda shows up while loading into the Gmod server, but most of it is cut off and therefore I have payed little attention to it. The TTT rules on the other hand, I have read so many times I could almost recite them from heart. (not really but you get the idea) This makes me unbelievably sad...
  6. Alright, the spray in question had the text "God Hates Ponyf*gs". It is a play on Christian Protesting Signs that say "God Hates F*gs". I use this spray as an ironic joke. I have used this spray many times before and even in the presence of other admins without incident or comment. During the session I was banned on, I had already sprayed it a few times and no one said anything about it. I sprayed it one more time and ended up tabbing out because the round was going by a little too slowly. When I got back into the game I was banned permanently. I was given no warning, and, if I was told to change it, then I would have done so immediately. I checked SourceBans and submitted a protest that included all of the information above. I soon received an e-mail telling me that I would not be un-banned because it was my 7th ban, and NOT because the ban was in any way justified. I was banned twice by Juicy (1hr each). The first was an error and the second was over an argument that I later apologized for. I received a karma ban for playing C4 roulette with a couple of friends, and another because some other friends thought it would be funny to coax me into killing them by hitting me with crowbars and the like. I count two bans that could be used to justify me being banned permanently, both of which admins very kindly saw fit to unban me from. With this said, I know I have no real place to say whether or not I should remain banned, because many people generally don't get more than one or two extra chances. I have spent around 400+ hours on this server, and I have made quite a few friends too. I would be devastated if it was made so that I could no longer play on my favorite server. All I really ask is that you see that this ban was unjustified. (Also, a permanent ban for only a "rude spray"? Really?)
  7. The time of my previous post is generally when we get these RDMers. I'm usually playing between Midnight-6am (US Central), and I usually don't see many admins playing on the server that late. We all know that admins can't always be on, but it can be frustraiting when we consistantly have to deal with these people after all of the admins have signed off for the night. It's kind of saddening to see regulars get off solely because they are tired of dealing with RDMers
  8. Yea, this is starting to become a big issue for us late-night players. We often get quite a few people that outright disrespect other players(alot of the time it's not even for being a brony), completly disregard the rules, and, sometimes, just outright RDM. It would be really nice if we had an admin that came on more regularly and/or at later times so that they could help us deal with this problem.
  9. And now I can join the server. Words cannot express my joy.
  10. Soo... its been well over a week since I've made this request and no one has replied yet. If your not gona unban me can you at least let me know? Or reply? ...Something? ...Please?
  11. Alright. So, I recently got karma banned fromm the TTT server because, let's face it, I'm an idiot. I'll be the first to admit that I am a little too trigger happy at times, although I do make a good attempt to stay within your rules for TTT. I generally try very hard to listen for call outs and traitor baiting, because I really enjoy finding reasons to justify shooting people. That is why my karma was low at the time. I was karma banned after a round where people thought it would be funny to carry around explosive berrels and throw them at random groups of people. I happend to shoot one of these berrels which injured a fair amount of my fellow innocents. Now, I'm not gona go about demanding to be unbanned, because I probably kinda deserved it. I have explained the circumstances of my ban, and all I wish is that you decide to unban me so I can go back to playing on your server. Thank you for your time.