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  1. So I'm back again, for some reason I am here to attempt to repeal my ban for the second time. It seems to me that my plee from the past was ignored. Once more I ask will I be pardoned? -Chew P.S. - I would like to know the reason for my previous post to be overlooked
  2. Will anyone respond to me? Will Admins pass judgment? Should I cease to try?
  3. Well to start off that round I was a detective my karma was already at 980, all was good untill the last 7 people then one after another I killed way to many innocents consecutively the first 3 people I killed I had reason to, they all attacked me at different times shooting/throwing incinderary grenades then the last two I shot in the face because one of them had a silenced pistol and the other was standing next to him the whole time. I've been playing the server for 3-4 days prior to the incident, It's my favorite server I've played on to date this is why I desire to continue playing with all my friends. I'm sorry for my prior actions that effected the game this will not occur again. Sincerly, Chew