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  1. Either this, or maybe something like City Life for a complete change of pace? Just a suggestion :3
  2. So...I'm getting that problem again where i have a black screen that says "Loading" and that's it.....any ideas? Only started now that we got the rMod so....i dunno? ._.
  3. So that's what i was listening to. Too bad i was a bambi with a fresh spawn all the way south in Cherno lol
  4. As of now, it's planned to start around noon.
  5. For our group it is o.o We make a plan and we do it. I was just extending the invitation but if i'm doing it wrong, just let me know >_>
  6. I've never been on the server in the first place though ._.
  7. I've tried with both. Same result with each
  8. I dunno man, i'm having the same issue o.o
  9. My name is Benji....not sure if i'm whitelisted or not but i can't get it to work :C
  10. On may 26, 2013, the St. Louis Bronies are going to be hosting a picnic in forest park, on art hill (the hill right across from the St. Louis art museum). This event will mark the one year anniversary of our very first meetup, and if it's anything like last year, it should be loads and loads of fun. If anyone is in the nearby Missouri Illinois area or just feels like making a trip for a one day event, anyone is welcome. We just ask that you bring some kind of goodies considering it is a picnic and all. :)
  11. I'm having some issues with your server where i can log in, but i get stuck at a black screen that says Loading... I can hear people on the server talking, but i can't play. Does anybody know how this problem can be fixed? I've only seen it happen on your server so far. I can join others so i don't know what the problem is :(
  12. Benji is mine. It's nice to meet you all ^_^
  13. Hiya, I'm wuffie, the worlds first and only werepony. :3 I found this site while looking through the dayz servers and found yours, but it told me not until you all met me so here i am. ^_^ Uhmm....so a litle about me : I'm one of the founding members of the St. Louis Bronies group on facebook and we're now over 300 members strong. Other than that, i'm really just a casual fan of the show. I haven't finished season 2, but i'm working on it :P Anyway, nice to meet you all ^_^