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  1. Add another Origin Jumpworks GmbH Origin 300I
  2. Space patrol woohoo :3
  3. Not on my favorites list, but thats only because I still don't know how to favorite with the new layout :P trying to join it through my history of game servers shows this: Disconnected: you are BANNED
  4. <-- Right there, im not totally sure if this was the case but it has happened to me before on other servers when my brother gets banned -.-
  5. Oh wow, totally forgot, here is the banned ID: STEAM_0:1:27401630 and here is mine: STEAM_0:1:27504644
  6. I was recently playing on the TTT server, and my brother (not a brony, live in same household) joined the server and, i dont know exactly what happened but in the ban list it says that his steam nickname was banned, but apparently Trineroks banned my home IP and not just his Steam ID, so now I cannot join. I'm basing this off of 05-11-13 01:00 ROTAT TOT trinerocks 1 wk my steam name is Player but I am banned aswell.
  7. mah username is Player, second time registering cuz new computer :P you could also add MRSkittles
  8. Still waiting for a response...
  9. you rdmed an admin, ban.
  10. thanks, I did that earlier and it still didnt work, but I restarted my computer and it's fine ;)
  11. So, recently, I have been getting this problem in Arma 2 throughout many mods when trying to connect to a server, and I've only found mixed answers so far, I was hoping maybe I could get something useful here. Thanks!
  12. My name is Jake Suthard, very new to this game, all i have found so far is a crossbow :P EDIT: how do you find uot you've been whitelisted? PM or wat
  13. I've tried downgrading to build 99515 and searching through the servers and entering in the IP, but I cant find your server, only a public server with a different port, Did you not update the post or what? Edit: I just joined the server, and it is a private hive even though it does not say so in the name, please update this thread :3
  14. Player, or Jake Suthard, I'm fairly new to the game and I've only found a crossbow so far ;P
  15. I'm sorry Pencil, I just could not resist him.Could you? Go home, Discord, you're drunk and inferior to Sheogorath, the true God of madness.Oh man I hated that place, Sheogorath was so annoying and he made me do all tehse errraaaaaands, it was lame for a god of madness