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  1. Holy shit. That's some great voice acting :)
  2. Well, at least that doesn't worthy of a perm ban. Most of the players only gets banned for like 10 minutes for that....
  3. Still... I don't think killing afkers is worthy of a perm ban. Rules doesn't always gets executed, often times people do it without getting banned. Maybe, I'm just happens to be the sleep that was caught :/
  4. That's sad to hear then. I like this server because it represents something about the fandom. It isn't my server, so everything is your call. Most of the people I prop kill are AFK anyways. The only reason why even apply for the ban appear is because it seems prop kill is allowed because many players does it. Besides, it is the extra piece of fun about TTT that most of the players found it to be fun to play with.
  5. A joke that was made on 4chan 2 years ago? You mean love and tolerate? Well..... Of course you don't have to bound to it. But if you do, it just makes mlp community looks more "generous" and builds more positive feelings towards the society. And this is a mlp related server after all right? I got prop killed when I was traitor multiple times, I wouldn't be so pissed about it. In comparison, the number I get killed from prop is just about the same as the numbers of accidental kills I get from props. Again, you can easily check karma log or something.... I always have 1200 karma and I never do any team killing. Maybe banning someone needs at least some screenshot or video to backup a ban.
  6. I never even do team killing, that's rather a rule that I stay with when playing games. I always get prop kill banned just by holding props..... When other players are fine. The point is..... I always have 1200 karma. I don't RDM on purpose at least. Cough..... Come on only few bans on record. This is a love and tolerate server isn't it? :D I promise, I won't be throwing props around anymore as long as nobody else does it. Just come on.... Honestly, when other people throw prop around it basically just changed the gamemode from "TTT" to "Prop Throwing Party" :/
  7. D: I got banned when 1200 karma and I never did any team kill........ Like seriously, all I did ever in TTT is play around with props; in which other players does it too. I am soooooooo sorry for using the prohibited props in the map (they sexually lure me to pick them up :/) Can admin please unban me? After all, I tried my best to resist all of the attraction between me and props. Especially the red barrels, it sexually harass me "visually" every time I sees it. Pleaseeee? Please tolerate the shit out of me :) STEAM_0:0:28424698
  8. This pony server needs more pony related GUI icons! and I can help you do that! Just need admin on this server to provide the images needed to be customized :D
  9. Steam URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198017115124 Joined the server when: 2 weeks ago. Your estimated availability: everyday from 6:00PM to 11:00PM If you play on any of our other servers, list them here: I only play gmod.