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  1. In da bedroom.
  2. So, we're just going to assume Scootaloo doesn't have parents, yes?
  3. I just found out one of the wireless networks in my apartment building is called Equestrian Girl.

  5. Well, this one went in a different direction than what I was expecting. Before, I figured the story would be about Rainbow Dash being disappointed to find the author not as adventurous, but learning to appreciate her anyway. Way off. So Daring Do is real? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Since Rainbow Dash's idol worship was a key part of the episode it made sense to give her a factual pony to look up to. But I kind of dug the whole fiction-within-fiction thing they had going and bringing Daring Do into the ponies' reality rubs me the wrong way a little. I know I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief, but how did Daring Do trick the world into believing she and everyone in her books was fictional? It would be like finding out Stephen King killed a bunch of people in a hotel and spent his weekends playing the part of a supernatural clown. Anyway, it was an alright episode, but my standards were pretty high because Read it and Weep was one of the best episodes of the second season. Oh and before I forget: this week's meme is Rainbow Dash/Daring Do shipping. Go crazy.
  6. Rarity got more screen time in this episode than in all of season 3. lolllololol
  7. I thought it was pretty good. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed because I thought the sisters would get more development. Not a big deal though. I liked the way the stories were structured around each other and came together towards the end. One of the highlights of the episode was how funny it looked when the ponies were whirled around by the castle. It action was just a little more fluid than usual. I'll probably come up with more to say after I re-watch. Discuss! Oh, yeah. Almost forgot: AJ/Dash shipping! Yay!
  8. Gratz! I love those videos.
  9. Apparently, Twilight's Scepter is the hip new meme. Okey dokey.
  10. Ain't I a stinker?
  11. Ponies are back? Time to post. I'm not hating the Twilicorn plot line so much anymore. Now, I still think it represents something negative on the art of Hasbro and I didn't like the way it was introduced, but I've softened my views considerably since it first happened. A lot of this has to do with Equestria Girls. Say what you will about the movie, it made Twilight work her ass off to earn that crown. Anyway, the people at DHX are talented storytellers and if anyone can make the best out of a bad situation, it's them. In this episode, they took the alicorn princess theme in an interesting direction, exploring how it alters Twilight's relationships with her friends. The bit about how the rest of the gang wanted her to leave the Everfree forest so Equestria would still have a princess was clever, though it kind of bothered me how quickly it got resolved. Part II was the more entertaining episode. Those flashback. Wow. I've waited a long time to see the fight between Nightmare Moon and Celestia and it was fantastic. I wouldn't mind an episode giving a little more detail on the lead-up to Luna's transformation and her relationship with the Nightmare Moon persona, but this was still great. All the flashbacks gave a sense of fleshing out Equestria's backstory and I really liked it. It also let us see Luna and Celestia interacting, something I'd love to see more of. An early scene which I appreciated was when Celestia mentioned how the Summer Sun Celebration gave her grief because it reminded her of Luna's exile. It was subtle, but gave her a nice bit of character development. And of course, Discord stole every scene her was in. As it should be. Discord, Zecora, and Nightmare Moon in the same episode. A good way to open the season. To be honest, I've never really cared for the Elements of Harmony. They so rarely seem to matter. In this episode however, I actually found them interesting, because I got to see their history and how they were wrapped in the backstories of the princesses. As for the mysterious locks at the episode, it looks like we're in for a story arc. Let's hope it isn't a fake-out like last season's Starswirl Spellbook.
  12. 1. I choose to belive this was written by a brony with a self-deprecating sense of humor. Yes, let's go with that. 2. The writing and animation are top-notch. 3. They forgot the neckbeards.