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  1. Oh, it'll definitely be worth it. Hoping for the best~! <3
  2. I mean no disrespect and it's probably none of my business, but I'm just curious as to the status of the reincarnation of the server. Again, if it's not my place to "poke my nose in", so to speak, then please disregard this topic.
  3. Good God. Thanks, Simple! Now I can keep tabs on it. The minute the server comes up, I'm so there. ...unless I miss the launch date. BUT whatever, lol. I'll be there, either way.
  4. Certainly hope everything gets patched up soon. Y'all will let us know the specifics of the server when it comes up, right? :3
  5. Okay, awesome. Hopefully it's not for too long, I'd certainly love to get back to what I do best~! ...as in, well...as best as a jobless hobo can do. :<
  6. What's been going on lately? I've only seen it on once during the past week or so, and it goes back down again. Is someone just...not doing their job or something?
  7. Hey, I know a guy that's usually on at least once a night at those late hours, even when the server's down. He's jobless, has nothing to do at that time of night other than Minecraft, hates annoying people who come to the server purely to bug others, and has an absolute desire to do everything right the first time regardless of difficulty. Also, he's pink. Very, very, pink. ...did I forget to mention he has practically nothing else to do besides TTT at night? So who do I contact in order to refer this gentleman? :3
  8. Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pinkieplaytime Date joined (on the server): Approximately two months ago. Estimated Availability: I am usually on every day or evening. The time usually varies by virtue of my peculiar daily schedule. Other servers: Though I only play Trouble in Terrorist Town, I am interested in the other servers- most notably the Team Fortress 2 one. I sincerely appreciate your valuable time.