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  1. Idk what that means. But I'm new here can you tell me how to post a pic as my avatar?

    1. Pinkamena1


      i´m not apple or anything but to change your profile pic, u press the empty person square by your name and it tells you how to change your pic and to post a pic , go up to create , it will give you opitions and pick one and just post it. Sorry to intruded , bye now:pinkie-stare:

  2. Oi, is anyone from the old school still active?

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    2. Pinkamena1


      why is that ?  Is this website not popular anymore :giddy::partycannon:

    3. Owonyc


      I check in once in a while

    4. Pinkamena1


      hmmm... i wish everyone did the same....

  3. Wouldn't it be cool if nobody showed up on the referendum?
  4. Welcome to the Dark Ages of anime, guys.

    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      I'm sure Nyaa will be back soon, if you're that desperate then just learn how to XDCC.

    2. Apple


      I did, it still sucks.

  5. I forgot this thread exists. Anyways, I'm going to bump it a bit. I got really into it and it turns out I'm actually an INFJ in the end. Which is funny, since the original test which I took when I was younger only got one letter right.
  6. Don't you dare die on me, ponyville.

    1. woodledoodledoodledoodle


      You can't tell me what to do. You're not my real dad

    2. Apple


      You're not my real ponyville either.

  7. Well ya see, she's only a Ukrainian by citizenship (or rather, was). Most of the current population of Crimea are ethnic Russians who came there from Motherland-proper somewhere during the 18th century, after they got Crimea from the Turks. Before that it was predominately populated by Tatars, which were relocated to Kazakhstan during the Stalin era, I think. The Russians of Crimea, in this sense, don't really belong to the ethnic Ukrainians, who reside in Ukraine proper. Regardless of whether their mother tongue is Russian (Eastern Ukraine) or Ukrainian (Western Ukraine), those people define themselves as Ukrainian due to their old heritage. The big ethnic Russian population of Ukraine on the other hand mostly arrived there during the Soviet years, in order to repopulate the lands which were ravaged by famines. As for citizenship during the USSR... The system over there had both nationality and ethnicity brought into the equation. According to citizenship, every person born in the Soviet Union was defined as a Soviet, regardless of whether they were born in Ukraine, Siberia or whatever. However, there was also the ethnicity category. Naturally most of the people living in Ukraine defined themselves as Ukrainians, regardless of whether they primarily spoke Russian or Ukrainian. As I said, the Russian-speaking Ukrainians don't view themselves as the same nationality as the actual ethnic Russians who live in Ukraine (like those in Crimea, for example). On the other hand, something such as a Ukrainian citizenship has only existed since it's fairly recent independence, which technically means that Poklonskaya at the time of her birth was referred to as a Soviet Russian, even though she lived in Ukraine. The borders of the different republics of the USSR were pretty much for show. Somebody like Tymoshenko, for example, would have been defined as a Soviet Ukrainian. Gawsh, I sure spent a lot of time trying to define the nationality of that woman. It's both sort of silly and yet kind of adorable that there's so many people on the internet willing to speak about that.
  8. Judging by her name, she's Russian, not Ukrainian. Judging by the fact she's in Crimea, she's also most likely Russian. And Crimea isn't exactly a puppet government, since Russia has officially annexed Crimea, even though it isn't recognized. Also I'd like to add that Tymoshenko is nothing more than a puppet herself. The fact that she goes against Russia changes nothing about that. Just researching a bit about her past will uncover some pretty interesting facts, such as her not even being able to speak Ukrainian until way after the independence of the country and her being a part of the communist party back in the day. Politics are in no way as one sided as 'those people are the enemies'. Just think about the entire Russian ethnic majority of Crimea who'd give anything to break away from Ukraine. Or about countries such as Kosovo, which are essentially the same, and I dare say worse than that. Nothing more than an excuse for NATO to have a base near potential Russian allies, such as Serbia.
  9. Darky, I am fucking jealous. Not exactly my style, but somewhere deep inside I just feel way too far behind...
  10. Oh my God, Darky.
  11. It's only natural.