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  1. I'm still loyal and waiting, Simple. The day the server comes back online will be a glorious day indeed.
  2. I await the glorious return of this server. I had such good times before the proverbial feces hit the fan.
  3. Eh, situations have changed slightly for me. I'm no longer able to join every day on this server, but I do still get on a few times every week. I would get on more often if I were burdened with being an admin, but as it stands: every few days I shall get on.
  4. Haha... what bear?
  5. Are you Simple? It's so hard to tell. My question was pointed mostly towards him, seeing as he's pretty much in charge 'round these parts.
  6. I'm not sure why the admin application thread there was locked, and I might get yelled at by the powers that be for starting a new topic about it, but here goes for me: I've been playing just about every day for more than a few months now on your TTT server, and I don't plan on moving servers for the foreseeable future. In light of this, I think I'd work well as an administrator. Don't take my word for it, also, when I say I've been a very respectable player; ask other people who get on frequently. My karma rarely drops at all, and I never EVER shoot first. If I can't be an admin, then that's totally okay. I'm still planning on sticking with this server for quite a while. Thanks for your time.