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  1. I know this is kinda old now (considering it's been MONTHS since i posted this) but i've become more experienced and i've noticed this 1. I STILL haven't been given a reply (lazy staff perhaps?) 2. A perma ban for karma is downright INSULTINGLY WRONG, many of the servers I have visited since then have even mentioned that if there is a karma ban it's set to an hour else it is unfair and that perma karma bans are set for the lazy mods who cannot be bothered to ban someone themselves 3. I was karma banned for having 700-730 karma (which was due to an rdmer getting loose) which does not seem as a very fair reason to ban someone forever. I hope that the staff or mods decide to actually read this and I also hope you change the length of the karma ban
  2. Reason for banning: Console banned me for low karma (which was around 700-800 so that's a doozy) Username: ShadeNightwing SteamID: STEAM_0:0:48341215 Date banned: 01-18-13 17:00 Length banned: Permanent (Now I believe that is truly wrong since i have been told the console only bans for an hour or so depending on the player and I have done nothing wrong before that) Also when I was trying to appeal for my ban through the other way I was told I'd be informed with an email within 24 hours, it's been half a month, no email and then I find out I was blocked, I would really like to know why this Is and what caused this to happen