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  1. there is the zoombies mod for a3
  2. i still play, as soon as i can get some issues with my files cleared up
  3. so i was playing alone on panthera today when i was struck with a strange oppurtunity. upon logging in, i was told something went wrong and to disconnect, but i noticed on my screen that a crow was in the middle. upon pressing the "w" key the crow moved forward. after a bit of toying i figured out how to fly it. for the next hour or so i flew around panthera as a crow, master of my own universe. i thought i was in an empty map, but little did i know i could see vehicles and chopper crashes! i spent the next portion of time using my strange ability to scout all near and far crashes. eventually, i crashed my crow (which flew at at least 75 km/hr) into a com tower whilst andwering the phone, rendering my incredible journey over. that is all.
  4. i was about to suggest something of the sort, it really takes the fun out of dayz only having 2-3 other players at a given time. i do think the compromise is a good idea, as long as we dont end up gangnam styling every 5 seconds
  5. i prefer the poverty of dayz though. if i play a game where you can have good gear fast, ive only found tlr to be entertaining
  6. pinka.. y server no go back to dayZ?
  7. marsal wy u korect mi gramer, i kin speel fin
  8. i have no probs with kon, they were robbed by my buds, but then i was robbed of property i did not steal, and actually earned by twp. so, you can imagine i am more than a little upset.
  9. funny you should say that psychoe
  10. i believe the num is 227
  11. thank you kind sir
  12. the new update seems to have banned me. im sure its just the server butting heads wit something in the update. but nonetheless, id love a quick fix!
  13. im having this issue as well
  14. I also have some interesting news. im not joking when i say commisar elusive told me he was gunned down by marshall at the airfield today. he said amir was in elektro and marshall the only other one on the server. i understand that this could be a tender subject and i swear this is the whole truth to my knowledge
  15. hes climbing in yo airfields, killin yo people up. so hide your guns, hide yo cars, cause simple is killin errybody out here