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  1. I need a VIDEO editor mate.


    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      You should try Sony Vegas.

  2. I would like to suggest Strew ( As moderator. He comes on often and just plays, but never have i seen him break rules. Also he is well respected due to his skills as a player. People listen to him. So he'd be a valuable addition to the law...ble!....I mean force. ps. I AM THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Speakin of Quill I'd say you'd be good for the EU time. considering Emmy's limited admin you could fill the spot.
  4. I Don't mind snipers what makes them annoying to hales is their ability to use spells with nothing but a health nerf to worry about. If the sniper would get a decent spell book nerf I don't think anyone would complain to much about them anymore.
  5. I was thinking and I came up with something. Often when Skeith is on the server he'll take us to interesting maps. Though without an admin there I don't think it would be fun due to exploiters, hiders, ect. So where am i going with this? Admin maps! There large quantities of maps that poeple would love to play on but due to exploits and confusing map designs their usually forbidden from map rotation. With Admin maps the admin can simply put up a vote or place the map of choice in the map vote, but only when their on the server. this way we can play maps like Kakariko, and that couch map Skeith took us to once. That was fun. I'd just like to see this happen more. Maybe give it mods too or something, but only make the map change after the 30 mins.
  6. ID buy that for a dollar! >:D
  7. I'd have to agree. Nominate! does take huge advantage of poeple pressing 4,5 or 6. Also I would like to see different maps being played. Mostly all thats picked are maps that favor the players over the hale. Boring
  8. Is pulling out your melee, running up to a team mate, and killing them intentionally griefing? if so thats happend to me every Discord rage now.
  9. o.O ;; :D
  10. I recently drew up a concept for Rubic, a character in DOTA 2. I've grown to like and think it and I believe itmay have a chance to get it with the right support. PRoblem is.....I'm not all that confident in my non-existent Modeling skills. So! If anyone would be so kind as to point me to a modeller (besides Jug. He doesn't like dota) that would be great. Here is the concepts. If you interested:
  11. I'm a little put off by the scatter being drastically nerfed like this. There's no buff in damage and it gives no buffs to movement, so why does it have a bleed? I understand its to get rid of hiding scouts, but why this gun? Also I've been trying to work around it, but there's a huge problem with the bleed on hiding hales. I spend most of the game holding my melee other than trying to shoot.
  12. In My Opinion, the best way to keep that server alive is to Make it a 24/7 server. Where the map can only be changed through rtv. One thing that swaded me away from the Vanilla ponyville severs was How often the map changed. We just want to hang out most of the time and murder each other. Not wait on loading screens. Take Pony Pony servers for example. The map time on that server is god tier and I never hear anything about the server's being unpopulated. though thats on If you wish to keep the server going. I understand fully of not wanting to let things in the past that where good go....
  13. One problem I find, On weekends its getting on the server xD.
  14. Ya Reportable. After a good amount of reports should result in ban.