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  1. Finally its friday TTT time!

    1. Papper2k


      Its friday, friday, gotta go Trait on friday!

  2. Its like "yea bro you can call yourself awesome, here you get to be an admin" is that what those guys think will happen when they put in a good word for themselves? As for those who get there friends to sign up for an account for a day and request them thats just as silly considering most of the time the person has only one friend (lets call him xxmlgbonghitzzxx) and mr bonghitz has only had an account for a day its not hard to tell there intentions.. i saw these flaws already and i agree with you about not liking the idea of having another thread cause it really is pointless especially if you do it for the second time expecting different results. Also some good community members dont even have accounts on here so they cant request anyways. I still dont see how this changes the fact that i see less hgiher ups on it then server admins (who arent on enough anyways) so my point of an admin seeing one good looking person and requesting him may still be a waste of time even if it gets the higher ups permission. I will say that this looks hard though cause i know i cant think of any sure fire way to find awesome admins and i know you guys really dont have much of a chance finding that since no server has yet...
  3. That makes sense.. only i see a flaw. You admited that "admins either don't play there anymore or aren't active enough to be recognized as one, like myself." so how can we expect only the admins have this burden of handpicking certain people if they dont play enough to keep people happy? (we wouldnt have this thread if that happy comments wasnt the case) Certain nights you can see a player who seems nice and would be good for the picking then he/she could easily turn out to be waste of time like you said " it's a waste of time since you got falsely lead to someone that might be a good admin, turns out not, then you need to find another." Im all ears if you guys have a certain way to counter this im just stating the open hole in your plan that i saw.
  4. "Calm down everybody! I speak weeaboo."

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    2. Whatever You Want
    3. Urban Zombie

      Urban Zombie

      it's not liek i made these medical supplies for you or anything. baka anon-kun!

    4. Retro Rainbowdash

      Retro Rainbowdash

      how could i forget, the medic is always the most important role! silly me sorry anonsama

  5. yay. Just won the bit lottery!

    1. Zelc


      Someone fill me in on why we have those again?

    2. Retro Rainbowdash

      Retro Rainbowdash

      so i can feel special of course :3 aaaand well thats a good question man...

  6. yay. Just won the bit lottery!

  7. haha got 6 kills with one c4, every award but 1 when the round ended and got killed by a smoke stack =_= Itachi Uchiha has a new c4 record on steam now ^-^

  8. why did i just find out today that Russia is a capitalist country? Ive been thinking wrong this whole time!

    1. Daring



      uh... wow?

    2. Retro Rainbowdash

      Retro Rainbowdash

      no kidding wow! i feel like such an idiot!

  9. Bloodwolf is right to a good extent. People have been complaining about this for a while now. i play on it like everyday and i can clearly see that it is a reocurring problem. People have come to me and bloodwolf about it at times even, especially after they get karma banned for being a hero and killing one of the annoying late night trollers/rdmers.. gotta feel bad for them.
  10. whoo! 100 profile views exactly! i am so.. bittersweet about this O.o

    1. Pencil Doodle®

      Pencil Doodle®

      Great, call me back when you have 10,000

    2. Retro Rainbowdash

      Retro Rainbowdash

      ha! ill remember that. i wasnt happy because it was a big number (its not) i was happy it was an even 100. now its messed up anyways x.x

  11. whoo! 100 profile views exactly! i am so.. bittersweet about this O.o

  12. whoo! 100 profile views exactly! i am so.. bittersweet about this O.o

  13. Wish people wouldnt go to me automatically in TTT and tell me to complain about lack of admins on the server or ask me to see if they can become admin. People please realise im not going to complain and it dont work that way =_=

    1. ÎÎÎÎÎ


      There are plenty of admins.

    2. Retro Rainbowdash

      Retro Rainbowdash

      You know how kids are though. theyll do anything to get a higher position or more power and end up annoying everyone by trying to obtain it. in this case they complain with irrelevent things.

    3. Retro Rainbowdash

      Retro Rainbowdash

      also they said admins but i assume they meant moderators.. but that is just a guess anyways