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  1. I cant wait ;~; My birthday is in a few days, and if it comes back before/on. This will be my cake.
  2. I doubt it, but That'd be a shame if it were. Im sure they can fix it. :3
  3. I wish I got it. lel But I just thought it was a bit strange on how this thread suddenly blew up after like three months of collecting dust. But the admin problem is going a bit better. Older admins are getting on more but I still say we need some that get on more. -The Doctor Derp :3 PenisPenisPenis
  4. I'd Like to be admin too :P (Doctor Derp) But meh, Me and Icey are on almost all the time so bleh.
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Recently at night on the server there hasn't been many admins on. Very rarely we see admins online, not saying the admins are useless but we need some that would stay online and play regularly. On the server some of us have actually been talking about adding a new admin and asking about it.