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  1. There's still not a solidly set story in place. Judging by the low interest, it may not happen at all at this rate.
  2. Something I've been mulling over for a long, long while now, and I wasn't 100% sure about doing it...but here I go anyways. In addition to the rules presented here, the following additional pointers and guidelines also apply: This RP is for other People's OC's only. While the canon characters are around, they are simply not the focus of this RP and thus play no role here. This RP is entirely non-canon. This doesn't give a reason for stupidity to pop up, but it does mean whatever happens here only applies here - events are only incorporated if you decide to make them canon for your character (e.g: Personal Headcanon). Currently, there are no limiters beyond basic common sense. For now, Alicorns, Zebras, Changelings and other more exotic archetypes are allowed in, so long as they have clearly defined strengths and weaknesses. However, your six legged pony who flies the Millennium Falcon and has the power to turn into Goku is not getting in any way you try and frame it. See also the "No Mary Janes" rule described in the linked topic above. This particular thread is for OOC discussion. Simple OOC chat comments can be made in the thread. However, larger topics of discussion (e.g: story direction, character discussion etc, etc). It is also the thread where all new Character Bio's are posted and approved. Following the broad guidelines above, there is a 98.6% chance of your character being accepted. It is strongly recommended this thread and the IC thread are followed to keep you up to date. Finally, this is not the place for bashing someone's OC's or Ponysona's. This isn't me saying every OC must get along with one another, but there is a line between two OC's not getting along and obvious trolling/holy war. Such posts should be dealt with accordingly (or you can message me about the issue, whichever would be more preferred).Story I'll work on a Bio and stick it up sometime tomorrow. Having a Bio will be a requirement, playing into point 3 above, as well as the "No Mary Janes" rule. Story Right now I haven't got anything. Partially because I'm having to work around various factors - interest, what other people want to do and my own OC (if possible, if not I'll simply stick to NPC's)
  3. ...As opposed to showering with a Lyra Plushie? Seriously, wut? O_O
  4. Haha, I wish I was more confident than this test thinks I am. That says confidant, not confident. Two completely different things. ...Oh. Our apologies, we appear to have misread that.
  5. Haha, I wish I was more confident than this test thinks I am.
  6. ..and play afterlife, with better graphics and more gameplay! But the Afterlife has Always On DRM! X3 OT - As much as I hate my own country, between the State Religion laws and this...yeah, America doesn't seem to be a great place to live right now. Next they'll be taxing Sunlight. Or thin air. Or Steven Moffat.
  7. Just to show we've been busy working, here's a tiny portion of the next batch of models I've freshly put together - From Left to Right - XV8 Crisis Battlesuit (with custom head), Fire Warriors with Pulse Carbines, Battlesuit Commander, Devilfish. And just to close, here's a close up of the lefthand side of the picture: Fun fact - The Commander I swear is more Milliput than Model by now. Resin doesn't like conventional B&Q Superglue! O_O
  8. Pretty much the point of the entirety of my last post, as a hypothetical scenario. Whoever nukes whom is basically signing their own death warrant in the eyes of the global community.
  9. Celebrating my first successful Kickstarter - also, mulling over ideas too nervous to share with.

  10. I'll put it down with my typical bluntness. If, IF North Korea were to fire a Nuclear Warhead at the United States, or any other country (say South Korea), they would have more than just the US to deal with. Pretty much anybody with any amount of humanity would show up to curb stomp them back to the stone age. We all know these things are downright horrific, inhumane weapons. Sure, they may not be something like Anthrax, but they're still completely horrifying weapons - the Atom Bombs dropped at the end of World War II anyone? We all know what Nuclear Weapons are capable of, and just how horrifying they can be. The only challenge the US would face is how to effectively manage (and deploy) forces from so many countries at once. Traditional allies like the UK, Australia and Japan would only be a very, very small tip of things.
  11. That...that would actually be awesome X3
  12. I've always held it that Fiction itself is a parallel universe - that if it was imagined by someone, it exists as some kind of universe of some sort. For an example, we'll use Ponies. The TV show is but one such Universe. The headcanon dreamt up by some random fan represents another Universe. The Comic is another. And the list goes on. See also the Noosphere Theory. In related news, I play way too much Perimeter X3
  13. I remember many things. Every bad deed I've ever done. My horrific, traumatising childhood. Yet most of what I choose to remember and savoir (asides the stuff that causes PTSD-like symptoms) is TV. If you want a few specific examples: I remember when Giant Robots were still cool (e.g: Megas XLR, the Beast Era of Transformers etc). It's only in small places (Transformers Prime, Hawken and maybe Pacific Rim) where they're making a recovery of sorts. I remember the very, very first Video Game I ever played, ever. It's Command & Conquer: Red Alert if anyone's wondering. I remember AT-43. Never got to play it, but have a few of the models. Plastic surprisingly brittle. I remember the first GW Army I ever got. It was Tau if anyone's wondering. I remember the collapse of Petroglyph. Oh Universe at War, you are unlived potential made manifest. I remember when Jeff Wayne was good. I still have my disks for War of the Worlds (the game at least, I think my original disks went walkies), believe it or not. I remember the Specialist Games. Most people's first Tabletop Games tend to be WH40K or WHFB. Mine was Inquisitor, before I leveled up to Necromunda. I remember the time when I looked up to Doug Walker, and could write a decent review. Oh how we've fallen on hard times. I remember the production history on various things I've done, to an almost uncanny level. I remember when the Brony community (as a whole, not just little pockets like this place) was full of goodness and niceties.And that's just a small part of what I try to remember. Other things I can't really remember because of previously alluded to Trauma.
  14. Video Game Music Obscurity ho!