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  1. Not my fault that's what my steam name is, so did you edit my ban name? Cause if not i mean....not like I did that on purpose it's what my steam name is. Check the bans.
  2. So I got banned which makes no sense. Chaos something or other got mad at me, because he thought I shot him, and killed him with a barrel, I never did. I saw him blow himself up with a explosive barrel, then tried to tell everyone idk if through private message or what, that I did it. After that he completely lost his mind saying "I'M GONNA KILL ANAL IDGAF IF IT'S RDM I AM GOING TO KILL HIM!!!" The next round I was a traitor, so i killed him when i shot him he kept screaming "RDMER! RDMER! RDMER!!" But I was a traitor wasn't rdm. Later on he kept being just very angry threatening to kill me, so in my defense I shot him when he tried to corner me, he again screamed "RDMER!!!" turned out he was a traitor and was trying everything in his power to just kick me for whatever reason. He then calls me a "f-ing idiot" and other cruel names and keeps threatening me in spectator chat to "kos" and "rdm me" and no one would care because because people actually like him" which hurt my feelings immesly, somehow though he did get me banned. Which I feel is highly unfair.