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  1. Ten
  2. -pokeball-
  3. I play with a few Skype friends from time to time, I play on NA and my name is HiddenAce12 Level 30 but unranked since I need two more champs to do Ranked. Oh well
  4. Don't ignore Pinkie or she cut you.

    1. Urban Zombie

      Urban Zombie

      Let the expert do his work, you chucklefuck.

  5. I keep seeing the same annoying players everyday.
  6. Well at least the graphics are amazing! Am I the only one who said something positive?
  7. Why is it called Dubstep when it makes Wubs?

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    2. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      Why is it called house when you listen to it in a club?

    3. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      Why is questioning dubstep's name completely irrational?

    4. HiddenAce12


      I guess to make you ask more questions...

  8. Why is it called Dubstep when it makes Wubs?

  9. A friend of mine made a theory that involves Trixie being pregnant

  10. Because Boxes!