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  1. Boss Idea Fluffle Puff: A boss that would be good for disorientating enemy players causing them to be distracted from via rage and super jump. Rage (1) Fluffle gets increased base jump height, and every time she lands all red teams screen gets shaken *like when the hale falls from the flying gold on 2fort desk* And possibly a 1 second spook every time she lands. Rage (2) A random apple pie spawns above a random player's head causing fluffle to be able to mark that target so they can be seen from anywhere on the map. and when the player is killed the pie explodes in chunks of apply goodness everywhere doing damage to other teammates. Passive (boss) Fluffle moves at a slightly faster movement speed while continuously jumping. Passive (RED) All items that deal minicrits to airborne targets are increased to crits, and do more damage. Boss Music Not Certain of yet Rage Music Maby? Again this is a really rough draft, there are other possibilities that could be suggested with this boss that I can't think off at the current moment, I think it would be cool if it were to become reality.
  2. I am really not sure as to think about as terms of the xbox1 vs. ps4. The biggest thing for me was Battlefield4 which I will be getting for my PC, everything from the graphics to the gameplay that I've seen so far has just been absolutely exciting and I can't wait to pre-order it. I think I'm going to wait for all of the hubbub about the console wars calm down and maybe even the price to before I choose as to which one I will get.
  3. My favorite game would have to be a close tie between pokemon silver and LoZ: OoT they were the two games that I played plenty of time on as a child.
  4. Maby If I hit my head hard enough on this desk, I'll die...
  5. If the owner of this server only wanted admins to do work then he/she only would have admins then, they gave the server moderators in order to keep the little tid-bit things in tact, like the little annoying sound spammers at the end of the round or the griefers, or just in general the people who are trying to ruin the people of the servers good times. I think the moderators (from what I've seen of them at least) have been doing a fair and respectable job.