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  1. It's mostly buying stuff from vendors, attending panels, exploring downtown Balitmore. Doing side events like the Bar Trot at Fells Point (if you drink) can be a lot of fun as well. Oh, and don't forget the Grand Galloping Gala and any concerts they might have! :3
  2. It many cases it's not necessarily about WHAT you say but HOW you say it.
  3. This does nothing to address many of the issues I brought up outside of being very vague about a vanilla server and I see this as a cop out. I know from experience on pf2 and from running my own competitive servers that the effort required to set up a vanilla server for a community would not cost me an arm and a leg when it comes to time and finances. $20 to $30 or so bucks a month for some people (for one server) is trivial and if people want to throw down that money for a server that we can play on then why not accept it and throw it up instead of leaving us hanging? And even if we were to get a ton of more people voicing support I have no inclination to believe at this point that anything will change.
  4. While I don't play VSP, I've always personally found it irksome when the leadership of a community seems to be negligent or just indifferent when addressing community concerns. I understand people have real life issues but honestly I don't think that quite cuts it. I work 40 hours a week and have duties on the weekend and in the evening yet I can easily find time to get online for an hour or two every night and there really isn't any excuse for lack of constant updates on anything from a pf2 vanilla server or issues with VSP. I hate to say the admins might not care, but from past community experience over the last 10 years that's often been the case. It's extremely easy for the powers that be to hop on every few days or so and post an update or the steps they play to take to fix things. If they really have no interest or are truly indifferent then just come on here and stay so instead of keeping us in the dark. If you can't do that, than appoint someone who is active with the community on a weekly, if not daily basis. Since this dilly dallying has been going on somepony I know with huge connections to EQD, among other things has been putting tireless hours into making a vanilla pony themed server, forums, and it's virtually almost complete and has seen packed nights over the evenings when events have been posted up . He's taken the initiative during this "lack of vanilla pony server" lull and I would highly suggest Ponyville.net get on the same page lest they risk losing out. I can understand the unease of some of the members here and agree that people should be doing their jobs.
  5. Implying that threads mostly stay on topic to begin with. I've been reading your post history as well as what many ponies have told me about you and I think it's safe to say that I can take most of what you say with a grain of salt lol. Mods/admins, feel free to remove posts you feel are unnecessary.
  6. So I get back from bronycon with my plushies from my waifus in tow...... https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ptr3zu52p40apf/20150807_224023.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgqq6l6hyj31bq6/20150807_142852.jpg?dl=0 .....and I'm starting to see much of the same that was partly to blame for the demise of PF2. Not only is vouching for particular ponies for modship jumping the gun, I seriously implore those from pf2 to not bring this over here. There is a reason why we (deserving or not) got a bad rep. Please know that the leadership team on ponyville.net won't be so forgiving if this keeps up and I know that Trixie and Sunset aren't too food of it either. Play nice ponies.
  7. Pf2 had some of the worst hit reg ever and trying to explain to upper echelon snipers why they couldn't hit anything got annoying after a while. With regards to vanilla server location, what % of the active ponyville.net population is from what regions roughly? It wouldn't make much sense to cater to a specific geographical region if the logs show that a small % of players from that area play at the expense of the majority of the population. Chicago or Dallas generally has the best routing for those in NA, I'm from Toronto and my ping is great to Dallas because of solid ISP routing, but obviously I can't speak for everypony.
  8. The issue I have with that server at first glance is it's rank. Does it ever get used all that often, if at all?
  9. Everypony who says that competition and/or competitive players is what killed pf2 isn't looking at the facts and refusing to expand their scope beyond the PF2 community. There are a few reasons why pf2 is dead and these same reasons over the past couple of years affected countless community servers. For those who follow the HLDS mailing list this is a no brainer - Valve's quickplay changes that they made that default quickplay to official servers only was a huge reason why many communities have bought the farm, it's pissed off a lot of server admins who wonder why Valve would take such a stance like this. Even though the number of people who've played tf2 from 2012-2015 have remained relatively constant, the % of people who were playing on community servers has taken a huge nose dive while Valve official servers are "all the rage". While Valve's intentions were good, clearly they fucked up big time here and they've been taking more control over the years due to a few bad apples (saigns.de, nighteam, etc) In short, communities have been dying for years now, and IMO the quickplay changes were a big reason why pf2 went the way it did - and no, some of pf2 servers in their prime were technically still in quickplay and were not disqualified due to how they were set up. Another reason is your typical attrition of players. Ponies stop playing and go to other games and, due to quickplay stuffs, we don't get any new blood as a result as everyone who starts playing tf2 plays on Valve servers. PF2 for the longest time has tried to fill a niche in the tf2 pony communities. Whereas a lot of servers are RP themed, friendly themed, pony map themed, and where there is no legit objective playing or anything like that pf2 tried to be a place where regulars could either play on our vanilla servers, or the MLP Heroes mode. At one time we had 6 servers going and on a friday/saturday evening they were all mostly full. This was, as already mentioned, during the prime of various pf2 ugc teams like the Hater Termination Squad (HTS). There were other pony servers at the time (probably before actually), like Legion of Ponies that did maintain a solid competitive memberbase and vanilla tf2 servers and even ponyville.net had their own vanilla server for quite some time and clearly as we saw those declined to the point where they were eliminated as well - most assuringly not due to "tryhards" Yes, some ponies may have gotten discouraged and left the pf2 community as a result of competition, but they were usually replaced right away. The first time I noticed seeing a relatively large decline was sometime after the quickplay changes and later on the IP/server move debacle that dealt pf2 a blow from which it would not recover. I see a lot of ponies making references to the "good ol days" where "tryhards didn't reign supreme". But if you look at the broad picture here, communities (especially vanilla servers) have been dying for quite some time now that even if pf2 didn't have any competition membership it wouldn't have made a bit of difference with the death of it's vanilla servers. What I would recommend, as someone who has seen it all and plays on a UGC platinum team myself is that when a vanilla server hits here for the competitive base to try not to monopolize the thing and let ponies just play and have fun in whatever way they want. I mean when pf2 had a server with a 24 player cap and lets say...13 ponies were in and all of them were friendly and it was mostly consensual than yeah...let them have their fun. If the server is capped and everyone is playing and there are some friendlies taking up a player spot or otherwise being worthless than yeah, they should leave and not ruin things for the rest of the ponies who want to actually play the objectives - each situation is different. I would prefer to go back to the time when people who were on staff like Dobb, Niko Jims, Small Waves, etc (who were also solid competitive players mind you (ESEA-IM demo, UGC Plat Engie, UGC silver pyro respectively later on in their careers) took a relaxed approach. They played with their friends, mostly offclassed, and really didn't focus all that hard. I would also prefer to see a strict balance system where you would end up playing with or against your friends with the result that games would be closer, and thus more enjoyable. Most competitive players would prefer closer games anyways and for the ponies who aren't as good or aren't willing to try as far they would have fun as well, because the teams would be more balanced and they would have rounds where they would have "good players" on their team. Everytime one of us joins the server, take a look at what's happening, and play accordingly. :)
  10. Final update of sorts http://www.ponyfortress2.com/index.php?showtopic=16756 Prepare for a sudden influx (if August 1) or a more gradual one (over 5 weeks)? Also, can we get an official update or post from the powers that be over the status of a vanilla server and/or consolidating all the existing servers to one location (Texas?)
  11. Binds I've seen that stood out to me: "This is a calamity." - dk Karl "All you ever talk about is friendship" - Mustardoverlord "Are you kermit the fucking frog?" - "User" "What if the titanic had a turn script" - Junebug Things involving lmaobox Multiple say commands separated by a timer that discuss things like cats, anything mlp related, chat logs between players in the past, etc "[sM] You are flooding the server!" - Text that appears when you try to spam too much on pf2 but it makes a better bind. There are lots of good binds out there if you know the reasoning behind them. Please don't get rid of them, ;_;
  12. I've had UGC players in the past use quotes of mine in their binds. 8) Binds in competitive matches by iron/steel level players that have to do with the competitive game are mostly just cancerous and annoying - same with those one's that people spam after they kill someone that were clearly borrowed from someone else. (i.e. rekt, not rekted) However, some can be quite humorous nonetheless. Personally I see no problem with binds by themselves as long as they are used at relevant times and aren't spammed or abused accordingly.
  13. I like it when ponies post political topics. Its always good to see more ponies follow this kinda stuff in general and ive always been an advocate for keeping up with world news and all that. Free trade and trade agreements in general are always more beneficial for the lesser developed country as its easier to ship those higher paid jobs overseas. However, protectionism is dumb in general especially as the world moves more and more towards globalization. That being said i wish canada would drop their protectionist policies regarding dairy and get rid of their idiotic supply chain management that keeps prices over here high
  14. Cussing and bad language shouldn't be associated with a g rated show associated with cute adorable ponies and, by extension, the ponyville.net servers. ;)
  15. It's not the time limit thing. I did a lot of them after a round or 2.. only a few minutes in. That's how bad they steam rolled us. They would rather win then see others have fun. That's how it felt. It feels sucky. My experiance was so bad i quit. I don't wanna play on a server that cares more about winning than having fun. I agree i don't wanna see that happen here too hence something needs to be done about team balance. BTW that auto team scramble is awful and at bests moves a few or so players. usually nothing game changing. Maybe not in your particular instance but I can tell you from playing on pf2 for years that there are literally dozens and dozens of times I can recall someone over the mic saying "don't vote yes to scramble teams it will reset the map timer". It happens all the time.