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  1. Another way to cheat it is by replacing the vtf textures used for the overlay with something transparent. It's how it works, unless the code is changed to force a "blind" (like the one used on RTD) status on the player. Luna's rage can be exploited too, to make it a bit less effective.
  2. Those models were made by Friagram, they were/are most likely being used on poni³, where they probably needed accurate hitboxes. As far as I know, you can't change a model's hitboxes without recompiling it (in other words, the hitboxes are from the model file itself, not some kind of server side command/code), so, in order to have a version with accurate hitboxes, and one to be used in vsp gamemode, you'd need two models for each pony, one with accurate hitboxes, and one with a more fair hitbox for melee combat. The way they are, you have to aim down to hit the quads (or be really close to them and hit over the head, where that hitbox on their back is), making it a bit hard to hit. Tbh they'd need to be about 10%~20% bigger to be more ballanced. But eh, it's not that much of an advantage, most likely it won't be a huge gamechanger.
  3. It does, specially if you're a class with big hitboxes, like a heavy. The hitbox that blocks headshots is located in the back, idk why it's that big or why it's even there. At least the other hitboxes in those quads are accurate, you don't have to guess where the class' hitbox would be if it was a stock model. Picture showing them
  4. The differences a comma make :p Since this never came to light (at least the textured version), this is how the new version of fnap fluttershy would've looked like
  5. Don't worry, I'm not offended by this, in fact those models do suck :p Those models are from january, before I barely knew what I was doing. Since their name wasn't even mentioned for about 6 months after being made I just considered the idea was scrapped (there was a few members against this boss), so I never got around updating them. When I heard that they were going to be added on halloween I made a new version of fluttershy, and in the end I got negative feedback on them because they would be too scary, so I decided to let the "old" models be used.
  6. It will once I update their models. It's not worth to just grab their current models and put a cutie mark in it when I can update them, giving them a new look and better base model :p About crits, It's been asked before, back when I used to be really active on the servers I wanted them removed too. The only excuse to have them is kgb heavies.
  7. And with this, all demoman-based models are updated

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    2. Skeith
    3. sarysa


      If you ever need a place to back up your models, btw, don't hesitate to ask. My personal site is good through April of 2022. :P

    4. No Name

      No Name

      Alright, thanks :)

      I'm keeping my source files in sync with dropbox, if a failure happens again I have an up to date backup

  8. Inb4 people picking dovashy on 2fortdesk with that, throwing people off the map every 10 seconds... Another alternative for that is something like donut stee- erm...I mean... a certain red, touhou styled boss that allows medics to revive the mercs.
  9. Nightmare Night you say? Nightmare Moon I say.

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    2. No Name

      No Name

      Problem solved.

      I was going to do that before, but I couldn't get it to work, so I was preparing to abandon the idea, but later I realized I forgot to put an extra line on her qc file.

    3. PBandJ Commando
    4. Aurotzel


      A lot better c:

  10. Luna update ingame, without mane animations (don't even know if I'll be able to animate it myself)

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    2. No Name

      No Name

      Both songs are by Riot Games


      Orb of Winter

    3. Rainy


      Nevermind I didn't realize it was at the start of the video.

    4. Rainy


      I added Luna and Cadance tonight. Everyone loves the Luna model! She looks fantastic!

  11. And finished Luna, now only cadence left from the demoman-based models

    1. Rainy


      This looks amazing! I will be adding Sarysa's fixes soon, so whenever you can forward me these models as they are finished, I can add them. BTW, there is a way to make the mane actually animate. I don't know how complicated it is to do, but Friagram did it for his Luna and Celestia models and it looks amazing.

    2. No Name

      No Name

      I could try, but I'm not very experienced in animations. If I manage to do it I'll add it to celestia/molestia too. I could ask sarysa to help out too if she has some time avaible.

      After cadence I'll update some of the medic-based models and send all models for both classes, including a spy class; chrysalis and changelings

  12. I think I figured something for luna's mane, to feel it more like it is in the show. Optimizing it will be a challenge though.

    1. No Name

      No Name

      I just noticed her cutie mark is flipped.