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  1. Watch when the taunt costs almost the same amount as the strange huntsman
  2. UPDATE: I tested out the mysterious sound and it actually works it happens only when you're huntsman is lit on fire and you taunt with it.
  3. So i been recently looking around and i found 2 things that some of you might or might not have known so here it goes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #1 Mysterious sound: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now at first i saw this i think to myself that it's fake but i am not 100% sure since i haven't tested it yet (currently idling) But it could be a new big update or something? I don't know. ------------------------ #2 TF2 The Movie ------------------------ Yes we are going to have a TF2 movie made in SFM (no cartoon animation) That's all info i have to share.
  4. You better hurry up before people start raising the prices or they run out. The pyros beanie is possibly the most sold hat in trade sites i will never be able to get my hands on at least a dirty one.
  5. So basically nine of their old hat's will no longer be obtainable which i find it very scary to me. After it hit's two weeks the nine hat's you would want to own will no longer be in the mann co store,unboxed,dropped or crafted. If i were you i would keep them since only those who have the hats in their backpack will remain there regardless if it hit two weeks. R.I.P. Batters Helmet Soldier's Stash Pyro's Beanie Demoman's Fro Football Helmet Mining Light Prussian Pickelhaube Trophy Belt Fancy Fedora
  6. The festive stock items are good but the side grade weapons would most likely be very expensive to trade also at first i thought there won't be an Engineer robot but i was wrong seems like we are going to face a highly inteligent threat. Also i saw there will be new weapons but i could be 70% accurate they will be OP or UP and will get nerfs and buffs in the future but we don't know that i'm just making a guess. My point is i think this years Smissmas is going to be quite epic.
  7. I did not expected the santa hat would fit on Scooby's head well i was wrong.
  8. Yeah i kinda thought Sabotage would win but apparently he got out numbered by the famous Max that knows a lot of quality,shadowing, animating and knows people with good voice acting i kinda find it unfair that he won. Also i honestly hated the reply winner there was one called "Slow realization" now that was the best reply i saw. And of course Bad Medicine would win i cried everytime i listen to the music and looked at medic laying near a tomb stone letting his Archimedes fly away was a very dramatic ending.
  9. Discuss your opinion on the videos who won in each category. (including the other videos that haven't won in the category) Also your thought's on which of the 4 winners will be the best overall. For those who haven't seen the winners here they are ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Action: Meet the Dumpster Diver - uploaded by MrPopulus89 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Replay: EPIC High Five fail - uploaded by 1231231453123 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Comedy: The Wishmaker - uploaded by MaxOfS2D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Drama: Bad Medicine - uploaded by Zachariah Scott ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My vote goes to Bad Medicine to win in the best overall.
  10. How the hell can you lit a fire with a microwave or toaster?! XD Don't try to microwave caramel corn bags twice. Did I also mention when I fell done stone stairs and busted through a plate glass window, getting up without a scratch? I was about two at the time iirc. Ok point taken on the microwave subject also seems like you're very lucky on that glass breaking part.
  11. Well kids are a parents precious thing to have so it's a good thing you're all reunited otherwise if you weren't then you're mother would probably collapse. I mean who wouldn't? If you lose a living being there will be worries,depression even a person feeling a lot of guilt.
  12. How the hell can you lit a fire with a microwave or toaster?! XD
  13. Long story short when i was 6 i ran away from my Grandma and Grandpas house i wasn't used staying there, reason why you may ask? Probably because my parents were busy with work and stuff so i'm used to sticking by them and what did i do? I ran away, my house was far not too far just far and weirdley i remembered the road, maybe because we were going by the same road over and over again and odd how some people weren't asking themself like "What is this little kid wandering around by himself" funny how they didn't even asked me who i was or where was i going they just minded their own busines and hours later i made back home with no injuries or troublemaking, however my feet hurt that time because it was a long walk. I was a kid back then what did you expect? Kids do crazy things. Just for a note here if some of you don't have parents it's okay you don't have to talk about it if you want to that is. Basically it was a crazy adventure and a wonder to my parents and they still remember and talk about it with their relatives/friends, sometimes it annoys me a little bit but at the same time it's a wonder to them.
  14. Saw the episode IT WAZ AMAZIUNG! Next episodes clones and lots of them THE WORLD IS ENDING AS SOON AS WE SPEAK also real horses appear in the show EVEN WORSE IN A GOOD WAY
  15. Meh this is a random topic for those who play MvM Mann up mode, basically you discuss about like was it too hard or were you're team mates useless and what did you get when you finished your mission... Currently im halfway done with them and ironically my 2 missions were Mannworks in advanced mode (i rather want to finish advanced ever since i started using my first ToD ticket) And to be quite honest it wasn't that hard, ok we failed like 2/3 times but we pulled out pretty well. Out of items i got from the first time to the second and third was this Coal town - Ctrl+Alt+Destruction, item - Shortstop [i expected something better random drop but thanks] Mannworks - Mech Mutilation, item - Bolted Bushman [YAY] Mannworks - Machine Massacre, item - Voodoo skull hand [Oh come on don't tell me the voodoo junk appears in MvM too :( ] Now i'll have to manage to get 3 more ToD to see what kind of botkiller ill get and that will probably take forever *sniff* Why TF2 spreadsheet WHYYY...WHYYYYYYYY well i'm done being stupid.