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  1. 3.If you haven't already you should create an Appeal for you ban BUT make sure you Check your ban first and see what it's for then look in the Steam ID for your Steam ID (dur) 2. The Admins have decided that you are not going to get unbanned and 3. Because the Gmod Ponyville server is getting move at the time and the ability to unbanned is probably not accessible And those are 3 very likely reasons you are not getting un banned
  2. Hi, My name is Discord Whoves on Steam Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:35817632 On the 9th of June at exactly 21:48 I got banned for Over RDM. I would like to say that when it happened we were on a Hotel map (Don't know the name), the one that you can use the lamp posts to get on the side ledge of the hotel. I was on that ledge and somepony was getting on with me np then I heard shots and he had died and his body had fallen of the edge ( later on I id'd the body in spectator to see he was a inno) so when i came to the window somepony was trying to kill me with their pistol and I shot back with my pistol, he died and I was stuck on the edge. Then another person came and started shooting and i got scared and threw my grenade and when it blew up I had killed 3 innos and had fallen of the edge of the building and died (I had around 30 something health) I Realize that i should not have thrown the grenade but i got scared and it got me banned I also realize if you don't want to unban me because of my stupidity but my friend told me i should try From, Discord Whoves